Old oak mirotochit, sings and cures disease


Touching the 300-year-old tree, residents Zadonsk Lipetsk region are hoping to get rid of diseases and receive God's grace. A mighty tree has sprouted through the wall of the house so that one side was inside the building, and the other — from the outside.

— Our family moved here after the war — says the 83-year-old Barbara Polyakova. — Familiar sheltered. But on one condition: not to touch the oak. They said three centuries ago beneath liked to relax Bishop Tikhon Zadonskii.

Over time, the family became too large — have decided to make an addition. Spouse Barbara sent workers cut down a tree.

The men run into the house, they say, began to cut oak, and he heard the sounds of it, as if singing. Similarly, in the church — says the woman Varia. — They threw this thing gone. Husband and hired other workers. But only took up a tool like oak accepted sing. We decided, albeit growing.

In 1973, after her husband's funeral Barbara relatives heard the familiar sound.

It seemed that oak is not just singing, and reading akathists — says pensioner. — The nearest church — Our Lady of Sorrows — half a mile — from there the sound could be heard. Since then, the often heard singing coming from the oak.

Six years ago, it sounded when Polyakova lost daughter.

My daughter lived in Murmansk. In her apartment, climbed the robbers, and she herself broke the head — says Polyakov. — I came out into the yard and heard a familiar melody. Just that day died Gal.

And it was a miracle. The old woman woke up in the middle of the night a voice. She looked out the window — next to the woman in the white oak. "Will touch the tree, you will treat people" — spoke a ghost and disappeared. Pensioner really discovered her talent for healing. One advises tincture of acorns, the other — to touch the tree bark. If you stand for a few minutes, hugging oak, sickness leave, and grace is poured over the body.
At the end of the 90 tree wept tears of blood.

Scientists at the Belarusian Institute of Theology of Saints Cyril and Methodius did a study. It turned out that the scarlet liquid — this perfume red. From time to time mirotochit oak. Scientists nadsekli twig and photographed. Enlarge the image, made out to the person praying notch image.

In Lipetsk and Eletsk Diocese of Barbara Polyakova and her miracle tree known. But they say in church literature about life Tikhon Zadonskiy not meet the description associated with it. And the Council of the Orthodox do not fall into paganism and pray not to go to the oak, and in the temple.

"Burning Bush" had grown into the trunk of the age-old pine

The tradition of tree worship comes from pre-Christian times. The priests of the ancient Celts — Druids cut oak with mistletoe grown on it, from which the elixir brewed from disease. According to legend, the druids were able to make the trees move and often turned them into soldiers, who fell upon the enemy. The ancient Jews first among the sacred trees were considered similar to each other oak and turpentine.

With the numerous miracles attributed trees.

* In March of this year in the town of Lviv region stry on a section of maple in city park in the face of the Mother of God was manifested. Pilgrims pushed to the wonderful tree. Lighted candles, asked the Virgin of health, pinch off the bark, which is home brewed as a tea.

* Silhouette of a woman holding a baby appeared on the cut of old pear tree in the Ukrainian village of Starichivka the Poltava region in February 2010. Before the miraculous image chanted prayers. The image is constantly changing — the path becomes clearer. A few years before that Ukrainians have witnessed another miracle: to split parts of beech wood felled in Mukachevo in western Ukraine, found the image of the cross.

* November 19, 1996 a resident of the city of Ivanovo region Yuzha was lighting the stove and pulled out of the fire have not caught fire log — in the tree was an icon of the Mother of God "Burning Bush", buried in the trunk of the age-old pine trees. How it got there, no one knows. Felled pine tree growing at the factory cemetery, where in 1900 the temple was built, the chapel. In 1924, the ruined chapel and cemetery was razed to the ground.

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