On Baranski Destiny offer a money strike fund

Chairman of the local branch of the Free Trade Union of Metalworkers Vasily Levchenko says thus can be "Hedge" of potential strikers who are hesitant to protest because they are afraid of losing income.

The idea of establishing the strike fund trade union leader pushed the events of the past month — if 13 working lathe plot number 3 Baranski plant "Forest" stopped working because of the company's administration did not fulfill promises to raise salaries. The protest lasted only two days and did not give the result: wages have remained the same.

Mr. Levchenko particular: the company management does not take such action lightly, because we are convinced that the strike will not be long: each member of the family to feed, and the salary depends on the declaration.

Therefore, according to the union leader should create the strike fund — to pay a portion of it in union dues. And to do it on the scale the whole country, and not only on "Destiny", where the idea has already been supported.

Vasily Levchenko suggests that trade unions guaranteed funds will actively work to fight for their rights, a prospect that should attract young people to the company. For now go to work on "The Forest" little wanting to work and invite even retirees. And in three years, says Vasily Levchenko, pension age will reach half of current workers.


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