On Ezminskaya GES major overhaul of hydraulic

On the most powerful hydroelectric power of the branch of "RusHydro" Ezminskaya power plant (45 MW) was completed overhaul of hydraulic number three. The works were carried out in preparation for the upcoming flood season, which usually begins in April and ends in late summer. A little earlier a similar repairs were carried out at the hydroelectric number 1 and number 2. Thus, hydroelectric power is fully prepared to work in the flood period.

At the hydroelectric plant produced refurbishment of the generator windings, re-flow section with the removal of abrasive wear, and also replaced the rotor wheel on the back. Each unit has two sets of driving wheels: one is in the works, the other — in the regenerative repair.


Hydroelectric power plant overhaul Ezminskaya held annually since the flood period in Terek water contains large amounts of sand, causing abrasive wear of the hydraulic turbine. Because of the high content of sand in the river attempts to apply a polymer coating protivoabrazivnuyu processing of impellers while ineffective. Research work in this area continues.

Initially (in the 40s of the twentieth century) "Ezminskaya project" involves the construction of a cascade of three hydropower plants, including one of them — Daryali HES — on the territory of Georgia. Subsequently, however, the idea of building the station refused. A waterworks headend EzmiGES been in operation on a temporary basis. Therefore, they are not designed for high-grade water purification.


Ezminskaya plant is in the first place by the number of the electricity produced in North Ossetia. Average annual output of the plant is 231 million kWh Today Ezminskaya plant can fully meet the demand for electricity Suburban District — the most populous in North Ossetia.

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