On family farms Lipetsk region the best breeds of cattle are imported

First family dairy farm opened in the Lipetsk region in October 2010.

They are based on the draft of the regional administration and the company "Cherkizovo" with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture. Each such farm, which contains 150 cows will be sent for processing each year about a thousand tons of milk.

Construction of family farms — a fundamentally new direction of development of agro-industrial complex of Russia. It is a modern robotic dairy complex, which was built next to the house where the family will live to farmers.

Over the next six months in the Lipetsk region "Cherkizovo" build 8 of these family farms. All the milk they will be sent to your plant, which will be soon carried out a complete modernization of production. Its products will have a distinctive trademark, which means that the milk is produced on the family farm.

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