On Sakhalin, began construction of a training body

Today in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on Sakhalin Island Construction College (FTA) held a solemn ceremony of laying the first stone of the new training and production building, which will prepare a world-class welders.

Modernization of the production base of technical school will not only reduce the deficit of professionals in the field of construction industry, but also to train specialists who can work on any project anywhere in the world, as the train will be here for the very latest equipment.

— The former Soviet Union, — the chairman of the board of trustees of college, the head of the construction company "Sphere" Andrew Zalpin — this training center is only in Kazakhstan. And now he will be with us.

He vowed that as early as January next year welders will be able to sit down at the new "party."

In addition to welders, set up a training center at the Construction College will also prepare highly qualified installers pipelines, slingers, working scaffold, crane operators, and the College of mechanization — electricians and operators of specialized equipment.

 Recall that earlier this year signed a joint memorandum between the regional government and the company "Eurasia Fluor Inc." on cooperation in the field of vocational education and the establishment in our area of vocational training qualifications on the basis of two new Sakhalin colleges — College of Construction and agricultural mechanization. Pursuant to the memorandum and it was decided to build a new training and production building in the FTA, which was funded company "Fluor" has taken over.

As part of the ceremony acting Governor Konstantin Stroganov and senior vice-president of "Eurasia Fluor Inc." Gerald Stone signed the message "A new generation of professionals," which was then incorporated into a special capsule, and the capsule is in the "first stone". Buried in the ground as long as it did not.

Konstantin Stroganov expressed the hope that the process of modernization of vocational education in the region will join many other companies of the island — both domestic and foreign. However, this is already happening. In particular, "Fluor" has already attracted the establishment of training centers of their partners — "Sphere", "Orenburg", "Kentech", "Kents", "Sisko Sakhalin", etc.

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