On Sakhalin, decided to lure bears

10 tons of fish will be delivered on November 10 in Nevel area from Kholmsk to supplement the diet of Sakhalin hungry bears. As reported in the local forest area, on the same day by rangers lay the fish in forests, away from the city. Thus, they help the hungry bears that have recently delivered great concern August earthquake. According to forestry workers, so many fish do not feed all the animals, so the district will decide on the future purchase of food for clubfoot.

Funds for this game fish local administration gathered with sponsors and individuals.

As explained in the Ministry of Forestry and Hunting of the Sakhalin region, such a measure has long established itself as the most effective. The Kuril Islands it is practiced for many years, so the occasion of the release of bears to people there are extremely rare.

Recall that in view of the fact that the bears this year did not have time to type they need body fat, they tend to go to the cities, villages and households are attacking domestic animals eat the crops in their gardens.

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