On the bobsleigh track Sochi successfully passed test rides


The International Federation of Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation together with the International Luge confirmed the successful completion of the test runs on the bobsleigh track in Sochi. The experts made recommendations that must be completed by October of this year. By this time, the representatives of both the relevant international federations arrive in Sochi with the next inspection visit on the eve of international competitions.

"The quality of sports facilities — good. Based on our observations, we can conclude that there is no problem in the dynamics of sliding sled and beans " — said the commission's report.


Under the homologation experts have studied in detail the Sochi track. They estimated the path profile, its width, length, elevation changes, turns and kontruklony. Much attention was paid to namorozki ice quality ice surface, as well as security issues. The survey tracks the experts also checked the work of information technology equipment, control room, from where the monitoring of compliance with timing, as well as video monitoring of the situation on the track.


One of the important stages of homologationtest drives athletes. Sochi has passed the test track masters luge, bobsled and skeleton from Russia, Germany, USA, Canada, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Romania and other countries.

"Sochi track is quite smooth and flowing. Some sections of the route affect the speed, but this route is necessary to "feel", and the athletes have to rely on just their feelings and rhythm, and not just on the knowledge of the route, " — noted American bobsledder Elana Meyers.

Test rides began in February 2012. The first artificial ice tested members of the Russian national team in luge and bobsled.


Summing up the slopes, the participants test rides praised Sochi track. According to the athletes, it meets all the requirements necessary for the development of skills sets starting speed and sliding down the chute, as well as the competition.


"Our Olympic track has its own characteristics. In particular, three kontruklona in respect of which there were fears that they would spoil the track. Fortunately, these fears were not realized. Test drives showed that kontruklony approached the track and do not interfere develop a high enough speed. At the last test training sled has a top speed 135 km / h, so the designers and builders went back to normal on high-speed parameters. In addition, during the time of homologation, not a single drop. So, all is well. Olympic track I liked, " — Albert Demchenko told luger.

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