On the eve of seed farmers Altai region received new Kirovtsa

Kirov Plant Altai agricultural producers gave the first 12 tractors "Kirovets" K-744R Barnaul assembly.


Representatives of farms received certificates for the new "Kirovtsa" from the hands of the governor of the Altai Territory Alexander Karlin and First Deputy General Director — Head of the direction of "Engineering" JSC "Kirov Plant" Sergei Zanozina. Collected in Barnaul сельхозтоваропроизводителямя machines purchased with the support of the regional government's preferential leasing scheme and bank lending.

"This event happened in time — on the eve of the massive work on the ground. This is the spoon, which appeared in time, as we say, in time for lunch. In the face of Sergei Zanozina I thank the leadership of the St. Petersburg Tractor Plant, the collective enterprise that supplies kits of us, for the obligation to fulfill the agreement signed by us. I am absolutely convinced that we will develop co-operation: to increase the production of tractors Altai build and deepen localization, increasing the number of parts and components that are manufactured for these machines in the enterprises of the Altai Krai ", — said Alexander Karlin.

The transferred technology to farmers was released Altai branch Peterburskogo Tractor Plant (JSC "Petersburg Tractor Plant" — a subsidiary of JSC "Kirov Plant"), established in October 2012 as part of the implementation of the Agreement on Social and Economic Partnership between a subsidiary of the Kirov plant and the Altai Krai Administration . The document provides for the provision of government support in the development of assembly production of tractors and promoting the company's products in the region. As part of the departmental target program when purchasing equipment issued in the province, agricultural producers are able to regain up to 10% of its value. In addition, as stated on the website of the Administration of Altai Krai, further decided to offset part of the down payment (no more than 50%) under finance lease (leasing) of machinery and equipment as part of the regional target program "State support and development of small and medium-sized businesses in the Altai Territory "for 2011-2013.

"Altai is deservedly enjoyed the glory of the region with a strong agricultural machine. There are trained people here are used quite modern technology, it creates a good opportunity to quickly and efficiently deploy the assembly plant and develop it to production on the spot most of the units and units of the new tractor — from tires to the cab and frame. That is why the first assembly line "Kirovtsa" We organized in the Altai region ", — said Sergey Zanozin.

At the initial stage, the degree of localization of production "Kirovtsa" in the region was 10%. However, by the end of 2013 will be released in the Altai to 20% of nodes technology. In the future, the level of localization and the involvement of regional enterprises in the production of "Kirovtsa" will consistently grow. It is assumed that before the end of 2013 in the Altai region can be collected about 100 machines.

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