On the federal highway M-53 (Irkutsk region). Complete reconstruction of the bridge over the Oka

On the federal highway M-53 "Baikal" in Irkutsk region Zima area opened after reconstruction bridge over the river Oka length 330.54 meters.

The bridge was built in 1976 and did not meet modern requirements for traffic. Now the building is capable of pass vehicles in a single order total weight of up to 100 tons. Also on the bridge increased overall travel — from 9 to 11.5 meters. Thus, the builders managed to ensure traffic safety and increase the capacity of this section of the M-53. Warranty period of bridge construction — 8 years. At work was spent 849.1 million. Until the end of December road builders will only remove the temporary bridge.

Last week, capacity increased and in two other areas of the federal highway in the Irkutsk region — M-55. There have been commissioned Additional bandsFrom 33 th to the 35 th kilometer of the road in the direction of expanded Kultuk, and in the interval from 39 th to the 42 th kilometer — in the direction of Irkutsk. Now the width of the roadway in this area reaches 10.5 meters, which will eliminate the need to exit into the oncoming lane to overtake heavy vehicles. The expansion area of the M-55 in Shelekhov area of the federal budget allocated 84 million rubles.

In the future, the road builders to be reconstructed difficult sections of the M-55. This year the project will be completed bypass the so-called "Teschin language» (c 47 th to the 55 th km), as well as the project for reconstruction of the overpass on the 96-kilometer. In 2013, the planned overhaul of the order of 5 km of the road. According to the plan, by 2020 the entire route from Irkutsk to Baykalsk should turn into a comfortable and safe journey.

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