On the information war take no prisoners

Russian-Belarusian media war is gaining momentum. On the eve of the Belarusian prime time television was the main stimulus of the Russian political elite — Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili. On Friday, NTV gave the continuation of the controversial "The Godfather." To what features of these battles are ready to reach the men media front?

Boris Gryzlov

Speaker of the Russian State Duma Boris Gryzlov expressed surprise there, that Mikhail Saakashvili appeared on Belarusian television: "For Russia Saakashvili — a" rogue. "No relationship with him, and there can not be. Any improvement in relations with Georgia could only be the case if the president of this country will be different people ", — concluded Gryzlov and added that those who allows himself President Saakashvili feel, make decisions that can not improve relations with Russia.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky

The most shocking Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky in an interview on "Russia 24" said Lukashenko screening interview with the President of Georgia to take revenge for "The Godfather." According to Zhirinovsky, the film about Lukashenka "told the truth." Zhirinovsky called the Belarusian leader ungrateful, because he heads one of the parts of the joint union state, and Russia has supported him for many years. And also said that Lukashenko's agony, he will not win the election and he will have to leave the political scene.

With that Saakashvili appeared on BT in defiance "The Godfather" and another attack on Russian media, Moscow agreed publicist Alexander Minkin:

Alexander Minkin

"I guess that's true. I think someone suggested Lukashenko, maybe he himself guessed what I could do nasty Moscow to remember it for a long time? It is inexpensive, go to Saakashvili, I guess. But for the Kremlin Of course, this is a slap in the answer, as I understand it. Yet, I want to stress that nasty, when the leaders of European countries, as they call themselves, are engaged in school so that's nonsense. "

Satirist Viktor Shenderovich said that it would be strange if Lukashenko just swallowed a rather serious accusations from the Russian side. Therefore, the course has been started up the "heavy artillery":

Viktor Shenderovich

"It's by far. He's a talented, and it was expected that he will come up with something. Fact that Gorbachev called" asymmetric response ". Which turned out effect? Perhaps that tangible. Which wait for the consequences of the Russian? Know, at least isolation of North Korea to what specifically failed. This means that the worst will not live it, Lukashenko, and worst of people will live in which he "serves." Naturally, I would like to make a mistake. "

Meanwhile NTV at an alarming music tragic voice announce a sequel to "The Godfather." Channel promises new revelations of the Belarusian authorities to:

Synchron Lukashenko: "Uneducated people healthy — a healthy fool." What else do you want to know about Lukashenka, but hesitated to ask? Lukashenka: "twist the head. Unscrewed own hands down …" "The Godfather 2". See "Emergency. Investigation." Special Issue. In the evening, just after the seven-hour news on NTV ".

On the eve of the First Channel correspondent Denis Kurian asked Mikhail Saakashvili as he confronts the information to pressure from Russia? As an example, has been named channel Russia Today, where almost every day there are new horror stories. By the way, recently not only about Georgia:

this they will not get away …

"Russia Today called them for a long time in the world, respectively. Speech I will not name, but" Rush "added the two letters in front, and so it is called … Although I'm not a big fan, but recently watched casually through the internet (we can watch Russian TV channels on cable, but they are not very popular) that they have made about Belarus. charges dropping, almost in kanibalizme accused officials of Belarus. And it is on that side, which recently killed a man whom I respected and very well known — Anna Politkovskaya. where they killed a very valid Natalia Estamiravu that two days was going to fly to Tbilisi. the North Caucasus, tens of thousands have disappeared. went out to the street people, mostly young people, and disappeared without a trace! And suddenly discovered that in the 1990s, divorced cannibals in Minsk. course, it's sad. And, of course, has a certain flavor. Taste of the propaganda war. But I think that this is it will not get away. "

The actor and social activist Oleg Basilashvili in the long-standing conflict between Moscow and Tbilisi — on the side of Georgia. He believes that the Kremlin's attempts to solve the problem by force and blackmail is barren:

Oleg Basilashvili

"I believe that the words spoken by Mikhail Saakashvili, fair to the Russian leadership. Basically just. I did not hear the entire interview, unfortunately. Passage I have heard that broadcast radio" Echo of Moscow. "But what he said on I think that is true. I do not know how this will end, because all of them are inadequate and difficult to understand something. But it seems to me that we must not engage in personal ambition, and above all try to understand that we all are brothers by blood. It is time. Secondly, we all decided together to build a democratic regimes in our countries. And it should be understood. Add here there is nothing. "

Director of the Directorate of the Moscow Foreign Broadcast channel "TV Center" Vladimir Kakashvili does not preclude: aktsentavanasts Russian channels on exposing Belarusian authorities may finally cost them a place in the Belarusian television network. With the "TV Center" that happened in the past year, other channels to force abelarusili local content. According to Kakashvili, to resist the state monopoly on the media market can not even powerful budgets Russian TV channels:

"We have worked with the government, we had a partner with whom we signed a contract. Our representative, received from us the right, has signed more than 50 agreements with cable networks. But the Information Ministry was trying to pick up and pass into the wrong hands. Naturally, we did not want to work with a partner who is imposed on us. Then we were punished: in general all turned off. Only thing is that you do not have the same punished, punished the viewer. And what they say — they say that the cable operators have decided on some its meeting — that, you know, it's absurd. argued that the non-commissioned officer's widow herself adstsyabala too. "

Recall that the first film in the series "The Godfather" was aired on NTV on July 4. The authors directly accused Alexander Lukashenko in the organization of the disappearance of political opponents, has been told in detail about the private life of the head of state. Belarus has blocked the movie, but about 200,000 people saw it on independent sites. In
today's NTV television program "Extraordinary Event" specified, but there is no guarantee that history will not repeat with filtering.


Saakashvili, NTV, the godfather

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