On the moon found the human skeleton: To disappear abducts UFO?

It is believed that the first earthlings walked on the moon were U.S. astronauts Neil Armstrong and E. Aldrin. However, said one of the leading astrophysicists China Dr. Mao Kan, the astronauts had a predecessor or predecessors, far ahead of them. Chinese scholar said that he had received from a "reliable source" in the U.S. picture, which clearly shows the skeleton of a man lying on the lunar surface. Judging by the location of the bone, and his death was violent.

Some parts of the skeleton are missing. Dr. Kang Mao believes that the remains were on the moon after death, since the decomposition of body tissues where it is impossible for one simple reason: the satellite has no atmosphere. Consequently, the bones were taken back to our planet. Who ever did this is a mystery.

Previously, Dr. Kang Mao presented a sensational journalists in Paris Photographs of bare human foot on the lunar surface. According to him, they were derived from the same "reliable source." On space standards and skeleton, and traces of the "very fresh", otherwise they would have brought the lunar dust, which rises in the fall of countless meteorites. On Earth, the majority of them are burned when entering the atmosphere. But her lack of Moon undergoes continuous cosmic bombardment. After the image of the skeleton became public, it was suggested chilling the blood of the hypothesis that some cosmic being conducted, and possibly spend and now barbaric experiments on us, brothers in mind. The press has repeatedly reported since the disappearance of people allegedly abducted UFO. At the time, they say, brought man to the moon and pushed out of his ship, to see what would happen to him. It follows from this and the skeleton died a painful death earthling.

However, the Chinese scholar has rejected a similar version, considering it illogical and too fantastic. His argument is as follows. Even if for a moment we assume that over the earthlings could be some experiments and can deliver to the moon, what is the point to anyone was after the death of "guinea pig" to thoroughly clean the bones of the tissue and then throw them away? Intelligent beings do not act.

Another thing is that the aliens probably been to the moon and will likely continue to visit it. This is indicated by numerous facts. Here are just some of them. When in July 1969 launched a rocket to the moon with the ship "Apollo 11" and astronauts Neil Armstrong, M. Collins and E.Oldrinom, after a few hours of flight crew reported to the Earth, that they pursue some glowing balls, repeating all the maneuvers of the "Apollo." And 20 years later became aware of the letter, which a close friend of Armstrong to President Bush. It provides, in part: "At a distance of a quarter of the way to the Moon to" Apollo 11 "approached a distance of 3 feet three unknown object … When lander began to decline, three UFO diameter of 15-30 m" landed "on the edge of the crater" . But that's not all. When astronauts set foot on the moon, the operator at the center of NASA in Houston in response to your question: "What's going on?" — Heard from the crew something incredible, "3des are some great sites, sir! Huge! Oh my God! .. They stand on the other side of the crater! Are on the moon and watching us! "

In the future, when the lunar program mysterious objects seen other American astronauts. From informal sources, such as it was reported that the mysterious disks approached with "Apollo 12" and pursued "Apollo 13." Astronauts on the Moon itself also saw some strange objects. For example, they said the crew of "Apollo 16" in April 1972. Dyuik and Young was immediately reported to Houston and brought to this place a camera, followed by a radio:

Dyuik: — Look, the unit of these objects is incredible! So far I have not seen anything like this!

Young: — Yes, indeed a miracle. But look, they're moving up!

Land, Houston — Well see both objects …

After that, both astronauts saw UFOs flying high at the surface of the moon. The third crew member Mattingly confirmed from orbit, it's not a hallucination. Moreover, in the lunar dust commander of "Apollo" John Young accidentally found … a glass prism, whose age is estimated to be billions of years old!

At the request of the Pentagon and the CIA had previously directed the NASA Goddard Space Center "clear all the images and telemetry data coming from the moon, from the possible references to UFOs." Only the fall of 1973, NASA little to lift the veil of secrecy, saying that a total of 25 astronauts have seen UFOs. As the Head of the Information Department of the space agency D. Tsistra: "During the manned flight program" Apollo "were sightings of strange spacecraft, astronauts whose origin could not explain." But the astronauts themselves did so:

Yu Cernan"I think they come from a different civilization."

D. Young: "Everything indicates that UFOs exist."

Mr. Cooper: "I am sure that we attend spaceships from other planets."

Now back to the sensational pictures of human footprints and skeleton on the moon. Message of Dr. Mao Kan dismayed space experts and intelligence services in the U.S.. Refute the facts — a thankless job, it is best just to keep quiet, or pretend that they are on this account is not known. One of them even took a vacation, and out of sight, after meticulous reporters repopulate it in one of Washington's restaurants. Other sources in NASA also declined to comment on these facts, when they were informed that a Chinese scholar has copies of over a thousand images from NASA footprints bare human foot bones and images found on the surface of our satellite.

The documents referred to by Dr. Kahn, marked classified "top secret" and dated August 3, 1969. This means that they have been prepared in two weeks after Armstrong and Aldrin took their first steps — the shoes! — On the moon, where they set foot on July 20 of that year. Characteristically, the explanatory documents to photos no large chunks of text. But out of it yet it is clear that U.S. experts have come to the unequivocal conclusion that extraterrestrials have a direct relationship to the next and the skeleton on the moon.

Dr. Kang Mao himself said: "Official U.S. authorities were involved in concealing the secrets of global and possibly even criminal nature of the public. They also go on cheating, just not to disclose the secret lunar discoveries. Obviously, it is the intervention of extraterrestrial beings in what is happening on our planet. However, we will never know how much is real and whether it poses a threat to our civilization, if the Americans do not make part of world public with all information available to them sensitive information. "

However, as the newspaper "New York Times", the numerous attempts to get an answer from the U.S. government at all levels came to nothing. So, if all Dr. Mao Kan is true, we will never know, who were the pioneers of the moon and how they got there.

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