On the territory of the Trans-Baikal region, a new brick factory

It was erected in Olovyanninski area. The plant's capacity is 12 million bricks per season. Total investments — about 20 million rubles.

Once upon a time in the territory of the district Olovianninsky already produced a building material. Decided to revive the production of bricks local businessman. In May 2011, he prepared a business plan, "Manufacture of bricks for the construction of commercial and social housing", which presented a meeting held with the participation of representatives of governments, organizations, support of small businesses and employees of banks. On the construction of a brick factory took over a year. The new factory manufacture a wide range of products, ranging from solid bricks to effectively ceramic one and a half. Of a material that delivers a new factory in the town's settlement "Jasnogorsk" has produced low-rise buildings. The company today has headed for the further development and the creation of additional jobs.

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