On the way to the WTO Russia rejects Belarusian ballast

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that before the end of the year Russia hopes to join the World Trade Organization (WTO). He said that now there are quite complex negotiations, but expressed the hope that foreign partners who want to trade on the Russian market, will be able to finalize the transition to the standards that are applied in the Russian Federation. It seems that during the last year publicize the idea of moving in the WTO Customs Union with Belarus and Kazakhstan finally buried.

Both Russia and Belarus are among the countries that hold the record for the duration of the entry into the World Trade Organization. If the accession process usually involves several steps and takes an average of 5-7 years, Moscow and Minsk have been negotiating for 17 years. In 2009, Russia was closer than ever to the sacred precincts, but suddenly in the depths of the Russian government's idea to go to the WTO united front — along with Belarus and Kazakhstan. Political scientist Victor Chernov says that if for Belarus This initiative has been a real opportunity to join the organization, Russia to assume such a distanced perspective only:

"Then it has caused quite a mixed reaction from experts and politicians, has caused utter dismay at WTO, because Russian at that time more than 15 years of negotiating and were close to the final stage. With Americans allegedly agreed — not all, but many principled positions. And suddenly made a sensational statement, they say, stop independent negotiations and will join the WTO only as part of the Customs Union. "

Belarus has started negotiations to join the World Trade Organization in September 1993. After coming to power Alexander Lukashenko slowed progress. Rare voyages Belarusian officials in the WTO headquarters in Geneva, which resumed in the 2000s, have not yielded much result. Last year, the consultations on the possibility of joining the organization, "team" — all of the Customs Union. However, says Victor Chernov, the appropriateness of such a format for officials Trade Organization and has remained a mystery:

"Such a precedent in the history of the World Trade Organization was not there, so it was initially raised eyebrows. It is much more difficult to agree on all the positions between the three countries to join the WTO, than to do it alone.

It is much more difficult to agree on all the positions between the three countries to join the WTO, than do it alone.

After all, it is natural that separately do it much faster. And also to Belarus to reform, it will certainly be too soon entered the WTO. On the other hand, WTO would encourage Belarus to further these reforms. It would be a very powerful incentive for intensification of market reforms in the state. "

According to the Foreign Ministry of Belarus, "oscillations" in the options of joining the World Trade Organization, the official position of the government reflected little: as long as the format of accession to the WTO is based on the movement in the customs 'bonded'. Said a spokesman for Ministry Andrei Savinykh:

"The process of accession of the three countries of the Customs Union under the terms of a coordinated and partially co-ordinated by the time of accession. All three delegations that took part in the negotiations on its country tracks, share information, provide organizational, technical, expert support to each other. The whole process is carried out in the framework of the strategic understandings that have been reached by the presidents of the three countries. "

Until 2008, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan had planned to join the WTO separately and then integrated into the Customs Union. But in June 2009, the heads of governments of the three countries have informed the organization to join the single customs territory. In this case, the state suspended bilateral talks at the time of the consultations on the formation of a common position of the Customs Union. At the end of 2009, it was announced that Moscow, Minsk and Astana will resume negotiations on accession, each on its own, but on agreed positions.

In 2010, Russia distanced itself from the idea is crude and declared policy of the independent movement in the WTO. Yesterday at a meeting of the State Council, President Dmitry Medvedev said he expects to complete negotiations on the country's accession to the World Trade Organization by the end of 2010. He said that during recent talks with U.S. President Barack Obama unleashed by the contradictions in the way of joining the WTO by 99%. Until now, it was the United States remained the main opponent of Russia, exposing all the new requirements for the duties of the forest, the level of state support for the Russian agricultural industry, standards phytosanitary and veterinary controls, etc.

The benefits that will accrue to Belarus if the accession to WTO:

  • non-discriminatory access to the markets of 153 member countries: now 97% of total trade is regulated by the rules of WTO;
  • diversification of trade — both exports and imports: a member of the WTO and unlimited constantly receives preferential treatment for their products in foreign markets;
  • the scope of WTO regulation of matters of labor within the framework of regional trade agreements: more than 50% of world trade is carried out within the framework of regional integration interstate organizations;
  • States bordering Belarus, with the exception of Russia, are already members of the World Trade Organization, which will significantly expand the market for products;
  • subject to membership in the WTO will have access to mechanisms for the settlement of trade disputes;
  • joining the WTO, a candidate country must bring its national legislation into line with the rules of the entire package of agreements that brings him closer to the progressive international standards.


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