On the Yamal Peninsula in the Arctic have a wind generator

Russia's first wind farm in the Arctic Circle will work in Labytnangi in July. Her power — two hundred and fifty kilowatts.

In Yamal city Labytnangi establish a wind power plant. It will begin work this summer and will provide electricity to the station neighborhood Ob. "Wind turbines are designed and manufactured Tulganskaya electromechanical plant — told TV" Yamal "chief engineer of the municipal enterprise" Mobile Energy "Mikhail Kolesnikov. — By installing a playground in one hundred square meters. The height of the wind farm — thirty-five meters. "

Mount the generator specialists factory and establish workers LLC "Inkomsibstroy." The energy will be fed into the mains Labytnangi, but did not significantly affect the energy of the city. The main burden still lies with gas turbine power plant.

The pilot project is aimed at optimizing the technologies of alternative energy in the Arctic. Next winter wind thoroughly test the installation. If successful technology applied in the framework of the development of wind power in the Far East.

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