On the Yamal Peninsula in the Arctic installed the first wind power plant

Wind — at the service of man. In Labytnangi experts assembled top vtroelektrostantsii consisting of three blades. Power 30-meter experimental setup 250 kW.
Is there a chance the polar wind to serve the people and what will be the economic impact — time will tell. This is so far the only "windmill" in the Arctic Circle — in these high latitudes, like Russia generators are not working.


Anton Bykov, deputy director of the PES Labytnangi "installed wind turbine capacity — about 250 kW. How it will work is hard to say — it's an experiment. It is set to see what indicators will be issued on paper and in the Far North.

Wind turbine installed at the station Ob — taking into account prevailing winds.

Anton Bykov, deputy director of the PES Labytnangi: "It will be designed to test the project which, if successful, will be forwarded to the remote villages, where a high rate and is not such a big load. And wind power will replace the expensive importation of diesel fuel, and reduce tariff and ensure reliability for end users. "

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