Operation of nostalgia for the Soviet Union — the last resource Russian authorities

After a couple of years, but he is exhausted and, raising the inevitable prepyadstviya

This week recognizable political scientist Eugene Mishchenko presented a report which said that a state-run "Politburo"Among the members of which he took the closest associates of Vladimir Putin — Dmitry Medvedev, Igor Sechin, Chemezov and many others.

The report aroused great enthusiasm, while not a statement of fact that Putin has the ambiance and the people coming into it, very influential, as the very word "Politburo." It seems that word has a magical effect on the mind. Probably be a member of the Political Bureau and the very nice people of the coming presidential entourage. The credibility of the party organ was just great, for its membership in the Russian Times conducted a big hassle.

It seems that our government again decided to play on nostalgia for the Soviet Union. Almost a couple of days after Mishchenko presidential envoy in the Urals surrounded by Igor Kholmanskikh initiated the revival of the title "Hero of Labour". This title is indeed in the days of Stalin. Then it was renamed the "Hero of Socialist Labor," and in this form lasted until the end of Russian power, after that it was canceled.

So, in our lives vorachivayutsya conventional definition — "the Politburo," "Hero of Labour". The problem is only that they — only chimera. Authorities are trying to use the pro-Soviet nostalgia for the good of himself, to strengthen and legitimize their power, which is reeling after mass protests in Russian cities.

But, mimicking the Soviet Union, the authorities continue to build a system that fundamentally is not having anything to do with it. Take at least title "Hero of Labour". Why has it been introduced? Stalin wanted to make a "labor aristocracy", a kind of "Order of the Legion of noble origin" of the more prominent figures of science, art and industry. Hence — the introduction of the title "Hero of Labour" is also notable titles such as "People's Artist" or "Honored Teacher", in Russian, these titles were very much appreciated, well, now partly preserved its own weight.

But to whom to give the title of "Hero of Labour" in our criteria? Abramovich, Potanin and Fridman? They're with us — the main "captains of industry" … Funny? Well, well, then, maybe, to arrange for them the title of "People's oligarch Russian" or "honored oligarch"? Even funnier? Excellent. But then how are we going to hand title "Hero of Labour" worker who works at the individual capitalist factory? Will not that of the "Hero of Labour" object of ridicule as a person, shock work on "Uncle" (ie personal shareholder factory)?

If the award of this title only employees of municipal works, you get an outrageous injustice: the employees of private companies worse? In Russian, people working for the government, and rewarding aspects were clear: who has collected more bread or welded steel — and that done. Now these aspects of funny, because the economy is non-state character.

The same — and with the "Politburo". They say to us about the impact of groups around Putin, but the impact of these groups are made by Putin and totally depend on it. Sechin and Chemezov — his friends and assistants. Dmitry Medvedev, even though he was the president, too, the last assistant Fishing season.

Let me remind you that all the members of the Russian Politburo were considered equal. How is the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, you ask? Formally, it was below the Politburo and the Secretariat of the Central Committee. In all official portraits of the Politburo about Brezhnev wrote as follows: "Member Politburo CPSU Central Committee, the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU. " That is his position as a member of the Political Bureau was formally up his post of general secretary. In practice, of course, this was not the case. But the secretary-general was obliged to rule, with an emphasis on the attitudes of their own colleagues in the Politburo, to reach agreement with them on the important issues, occasionally argue.

But now we have the rule of presidential power. There is no "collective leadership", even formal, there is no trace. Members of mischenkovskogo "Politburo" influential insofar as I walked to Putin.

Here is an example. Igor Sechin has lost the post of Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, after the cabinet headed by Dmitry Medvedev. Sechinskuyu was succeeded by Arkady Dvorkovich, who is also the industry began to make their own rules. Sechin was appointed to the post of state president of Rosneft, one of the biggest companies in the country. As such, it would seem, was to be subordinated to Dvorkovich. But Sechin entree to Putin. As a result, Putin issued a decree that made the presidential commission on the fuel and energy sector, in which Sechin was appointed executive secretary, the refund for all the lost opportunities. Now the impact of the former deputy chairman of the industry's nothing less than Dvorkovich, and faster — more …

In short, the impact of today's "Politburo" of 100% is based on their personal relationship with Putin. There is no collective management. Moreover, all of today's "Politburo" created by Putin and lasts only relationship with him. If Putin will like to retire, along with it will fall, and all his "Politburo."

So that the similarity of the titles should come as no prick. The current political and financial model of the Russian Federation is totally different from the Russian, because the introduction of the titles that are similar to Russian, until just a misleading public opinion. The ruling vertex uses for their own power resources of the past, she has remained — the cult of victory so nostalgic for the late Soviet Union. After a couple of years, but even this resource will burn. What would then justify their rule people whose goal — a very long-term preservation mode full of corruption, mind boggles.

And yet the government begins to crumble to pieces, and the scandals shaking the Russian society — only part of the beginning of the crisis process. Looks like expiration date of "raw empire" made by Putin in the zero years, has expired, and the new rulers have no thoughts. Except perhaps that the idea of fooling the public that brilliantly confirmed by the ideas of the "Politburo" or introducing the title "Hero of Labour".

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