Or are you addicted to alcohol?

Great social issue of our time, alcoholism, some called the disease, while others — a bad habit, and others — a powerful psychological dependence. All these definitions are correct. Although in itself alcoholism rarely brings a man to death, many of the experts compares the magnitude of the problems with cancer or tuberculosis.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), which were announced in May in Geneva, from the effects of alcohol die every year 2.5 million people, including 320,000 young people aged 15-29 years. It is believed that alcoholism — the eighth leading risk factor for death in the world.

Classification of drunks

Experts note: in order to fight alcoholism, you need to know the reasons that push people to abuse alcohol. Not so long ago for a new campaign to combat alcohol problems UK Department of Health has made the classification of people abusing alcohol. Among them are the following psychological types:

1) Depressed. The man turns to alcohol, losing loved ones, divorce or transferring faced with financial problems. Drinks to be comforted and reconciled with the circumstances.

2) Tortured. At work or at a human nerve circumstances. Drinks to relax and calm down, especially at home after work. Wives and partners often contribute to the consolidation of the habit, offering themselves to drink.

3) Companionable. Leads the rapid secular life. Drinks to merge with the company. Often loses all sense of time and measures.

4) Traditionalist. Drink alcohol, because he believes that every man should visit the pub every night. Pub for him — the second home, he's comfortable here, here, he feels confident.

5) Talkative. Drinks in large companies, especially with people close interest. It fills his life with meaning, helps to find new friends and acquaintances.

6) Markotnik — or, rather, markotnitsa. Usually it is the mother who is raising a child. Or — a newly divorced person who is not one to talk. Drink up for the lack of friends and helps to quickly end the day after the main case ended.

7) Macho. Often feels unappreciated. Drink, because he wants to prove to himself and to others his masculine strength and status.

8) Hedonists. Seeks to get out of life joy. Typically, single, divorced or have adult children. Excessive use of alcohol for him — a means to demonstrate their independence, freedom and malazhavasts, but also — to feel relaxed.

9) Dissatisfied. Do not get out of the pubs. Drinks from a couple of reasons: out of boredom, wanting to be like everyone else, the general dissatisfaction with life.

Experts from Britain, which has one of the highest places in the world for alcohol consumption per capita, said: such a classification allows individualized psychological and medical assistance to those who have problems with alcohol.

By the way, neither Russia nor Ukraine or Belarus in the formal sense, the leaders are not included. Belarusian specialists psychiatrist explained that the basis of statistical data on the Vaasa are produced alcohol in the country and imported there. But the post-Soviet space consumed a lot of unrecorded alcohol products, especially in rural areas.

Who should I stop drinking?

According to the Belarusian statistics, last year, the official sale of alcohol in the country was 12.39 liters of alcoholic beverages per capita. According to the recommendations of Vaasa, it limits the numbers. As compared to the three-year-old alcohol Belarusians increased by more than 2 liters. And increased consumption of homemade alcoholic beverages. Now registered in drug services in Belarus has registered about 300,000 people. Richly Belarusians who like to drink and are not registered, do not tend to give up their habits because they do not see the seriousness of the problem. Even those who are often drunk, are sure to be able to control the amount of alcohol consumed, and even if you want to stop drinking at all.

Meanwhile, U.S. experts involved in drug and alcohol addiction, have developed a special test of 12 questions. Honestly answering these questions, people will be able to objectively determine its condition. If a positive response is given at least four of the following questions, this means that a person has a drinking problem and the situation must be urgently corrected.

Try this:

  • Does it ever happen that you made the decision to stop drinking for a week or more, but lasted only a few days?
  • Would you like to make other people "did not climb into other people's business" in connection with the use of alcohol and you do not teach you what to do?
  • Or have you ever passed from one type of alcoholic beverage to another, hoping that it will help you stay sober?
  • Have you pohmelyatsya in recent years? Whether it was you need to get over it or stop shakin '?
  • Or you envy people who can drink and not have a problem with this?
  • Have you had any recent problems with booze? Driving while intoxicated, other problems with the law or physical health?
  • Have you had problems at home because of drinking? For example, the tension within the family?
  • Are you trying to get at the party an additional portion of the drink, because you have a little or have served too slow?
  • Or you say to yourself that you can stop drinking any time, whenever you want, but keep getting drunk even when it is not going to do that? Or you console yourself with the thought that the drink as you want it?
  • Do you ever miss work or school because of drinking? Sham illness, when in fact you had a hangover?
  • Have you had any failures of memory, if you've been drinking for hours or days without a break, and then could not remember anything?
  • Did you feel that your life would be better without alcohol?



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