Orange threat level because of the heat introduced in Italy

ROME, June 28 — RIA Novosti, Sergei Elders. National Civil Defence awarded Tuesday to several Italian cities the second — "orange" — the level of risk in connection with the heat, the wave that hit the Apennines.

"Orange" threat level announced in Turin, where the day is expected to 37 degrees Celsius, Bolzano (Bolzano) — 34 degrees and Perugia (Perugia) — 33 degrees.

According to weather forecast, the hottest and dangerous day of the month, most likely, will be June 29, when a number of cities in the mercury thermometer above 30-degree mark. On this day in Verona expected 35 degrees in Rome, Florence and Frosinone (Frosinone) — 34 degrees, in Milan, Genoa, Catania, Messina, Palermo and several other major cities — 33 degrees.

According to official records of service GO, "orange" threat level assigned in the case where the "high temperature and weather conditions can have an adverse effect on the health of populations at risk." By risk group means, above all, the elderly, suffer from a number of chronic diseases.

This year, the heat in the Apennines came a little earlier than usual. In 2010, the "orange", and then the highest "red" danger level GO service introduced in July and August.

Italians used to the fact that in the summer they are expected for several weeks at a temperature well above the 30 degree heat, but endure the heat of summer, usually accompanied by high humidity and stuffiness is not easy either locals or the many foreign tourists.

Local physicians are reminded that in the heat rather have as much fresh fruits and vegetables that contain up to 90% of the necessary human water. Simultaneously offered almost completely excluded from the diet of heavy and spicy foods, alcohol and coffee. According to the National Association of Agricultural Producers Coldiretti, follow these rules, some 20 million Italians who prefer to heat lunch and dinner, fruit and vegetables.

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