Osipenko and Kozlov are preparing for the release of the Amnesty

Prisoners Vladimir Osipenko and Mikhail Kozlov, convicted in the case of Autukhovich soon be released under an amnesty, which entered into force. Avtukhovich does not fall under the amnesty.

Amnesty in connection with the 65th anniversary of the Victory came into effect. According to the Department of Corrections, the colonies began to form the administrative committee, which will take a decision on the release of certain prisoners. Come out on the freedom Autukhovich, Uladzimir Asipenka and Mikhail Kozlov, who were convicted in the so-called "terrorist process"? According to information Autukhovich does not fall under the amnesty, as the convicted for a crime committed, not yet having left the previous sentence. As for Vladimir Osipenko, the Ivatsevichy colony, where he is being held, has already started preparing for the amnesty, said his lawyer Tamara Sidorenko.

Tamara Sidorenko: "Osipenko getting ready to go out. Their collected, those who will be releasing. But exactly when — it depends on the administration. This information I received from her daughter Lyudmila Asipenka, which he sent the letter. She hopes that the pope will soon be on the loose."

According to the lawyer, Vladimir Osipenko there was a possibility to send a supervisory appeal against the verdict, and after his release he could still do it:

Tamara Sidorenko: "It may be appealed against. Indeed, the charge of possession of a weapon, which he had never seen, I think, drawn by the ears."

Vladimir Osipenko was sentenced to 3 years in prison for possession of weapons. The case featured package with trinitrotoluene block and an old gun, which allegedly on the orders of Osipenko hid in the river under Volkovysk. According to investigators, the weapons were intended for terrorist attacks against high-ranking officials. Meanwhile Osipenko is denied, and witnesses gave contradictory information about the weapon as well as the location of its preservation.

How soon will fall under the amnesty is another person involved in the case, former police officer Mikhail Kozlov? According to investigators, Kozlov knew that Autukhovich and Asipenka along with another accomplice, Larin, preparing acts of terrorism, but did not report to the appropriate agencies. Although the court has found that the preparation of the attacks was really, Mikhail Kozlov, was sentenced to 2 years for non-attendance. Lawyer Boris Lyaskovsky said "Freedom" that amnesty in any case will affect the fate of Mikhail Kozlov.

Boris Lyaskovsky:
"It falls under the heading of reducing the sentence to one year. I went to court for help, he had no violations and no debt and claims to it. Waiting for me to give such a statement, and send it to him in the colony."

"Can he go free as a result of the reduction of the period?"

Boris Lyaskovsky:
"Here we have two options. When applied to it amnesty now until the 8th of August, then he can go out on parole earlier. When he did this month amnesty will apply and will leave after the 8th of August, then immediately after use Amnesty it comes to freedom. "

Reporter: "Thus, in any case, he will soon be released?"

Boris Lyaskovsky: "Yes. After 8 August likely it is not already there."

According to the lawyer, Michael Kozlov is serving his sentence in prison "Vitsba-3" of Vitebsk. "Relatives said that to him in the colony's okay," — said the lawyer Boris Lyaskovsky.

The Department of Corrections specific terms stasavannya amnesty to Osipenko and Kozlov is not called.

According to Interior Minister Anatoly Kuleshov, from prisons and colonies, and the so-called "chemistry" will be released in an amnesty for more than 3 million people, the sentence about 10,000 inmates would be reduced. Total in Belarus are serving sentences in various forms about fifty thousand people.

Photo: Vladimir Autukhovich and Asipenka during the trial.

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