Our ancestors kept themselves and their identity

What was the meaning of Grunwald battle 600 years which is now notes? With this issue, our correspondent asked brestchan.

Man: "This is a really important event that took place in 1410. Something else to remember about this date from history."

Man: "The essence of this event is that our ancestors kept themselves, their identity, won the right to life, the right to development and existence. Crusaders had their own country, their civilization. And we have our own country, their civilization, and in the course of this battle adstoena was right to have to live in their own way. "

Woman: "Of course, this is a positive and important event. Perhaps now is a good example for us. Yeah result of this battle is that we live in a country that is, not in the other."

Man: "I think it's better not to put the assessment of history. Anyway, you will not return those things and do not put them to the other side."

Man: "I only know that our ancestors have won this battle. Others do not remember anything about the event. Shown on television about the events, but what I remember from the report and the media — is that the victory was for our ancestors."

Woman: "I do not know how to accurately assess the event. But recently I was in Navahrudak in celebration of 600 years of the victory at Grunwald. I liked it, and I think that our young people are very much useful and instructive in chivalry is certainly there."

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