Overpay for the oil to punish Russia?

Financial news agency referring to the National Statistical Committee voiced the price at which the alleged Belarus buys oil in Venezuela. According to the message, the cost of purchase and transportation of the first 80,000 tonnes of oil from Venezuela amounted to U.S. $ 656 per tonne, which is 1.5 times the price of Russian oil.

Could it be, in principle, cost-effective delivery and processing of oil from Venezuela? Do I need to consider the Venezuelan project as a purely political?

A sensational figure prices in 656 dollars per ton of Venezuelan oil will not support any of the Belarusian Oil Company, which is engaged in the project, nor the National Statistics Committee.

Stakeholders continue to insist: Venezuelan project cost-effective. First Deputy Prime Minister of the Belarusian government Vladimir Semashko Recently returned several times to the subject of transatlantic supplies, indicating that even with the high transport costs this oil costs the country less than Russia:

"If, for example, to acquire Russian oil today with 100 percent duty, then it will have a loss in the current prices of oil and oil products — U.S. $ 120-130 per tonne in the red. And on Venezuelan oil, which we have brought, the country earned. A certain amount of dollars earned, but it is a plus, it's not a bad thing. That is better for us today to acquire Venezuelan oil duty with Russia. "

More profitable for us today to acquire Venezuelan oil duty with Russia.

Later Semashko said: even recently caused laughter is even talk of the Belarusian trace in raw projects in Venezuela or Iran. But two years Belarus has already received in Venezuela 104 million dollars of net profit. This year, He said, oil there is doubled. In October, work will begin on the field Jofeir in Iran, which should add to that another 1.5 million tons of oil.

In the Venezuelan Embassy in Minsk did not go further beyond generalities. Ambassador of that country Americo Diaz Nunez claims that obviously unprofitable delivery nobody would ever go:

"Last year there was a question: will the supply of Venezuelan oil to Belarus in general? In This year, raises a question of the other: either profitable this business? The answer is obvious: if it were not profitable, no deliveries would not be. But it is also a gesture of solidarity, a gesture of support for the Belarusian people. That is, the business is the relationship — a very stable and profitable. After all, there are already plans for 2011, calculated on an even larger amount — 10 million tons of oil. "

Most experts believe that the price of oil at 656 dollars per ton project is not cost-effective.

Already there are plans for 2011, calculated on an even larger amount — 10 million tons of oil.

Analysts see in the Venezuelan project and the political component. An expert in the field of energy Fur Alexander says that the economic logic here at least. First, by themselves tanker deliveries halfway around the world can not be cheap. Second, the oil to Belarus goes through the territory of other countries, each of which tends to make money. On He said, all this opaque scheme is developed in such a subtext to directly take into account the interests of Chavez and Lukashenko. Fur draws attention to the fact that even the technical issues are resolved Venezuelan oil supplies to the presidents of the two countries.

Have a logical interest in the Belarusian-Venezuelan oil cooperation in Russia. As President of the National Energy Security Konstantin Simonov, experience of working in Minsk and Caracas to Moscow is very telling: if Lukashenko is buying oil overseas, so he has the money. Accordingly, the game will not help the poor. The analyst believes that the Venezuelan petroleum in any case it will be more expensive than the Russian, but believes that Lukashenko went to the principle: "If he is willing to spite mom frostbite ears or buy oil from anyone, not only in Russia, then you need to make political conclusions: how reliable Lukashenko partner? "


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