Painting the world

December 26, 2011 10:44

World.  Space.  Universe— Nothing can be done, — said the Cat. — All of us here are not in your mind — and you and I!
— How do you know that I'm out of my mind? — Said Alice.
— Certainly not in his, — said the Cat. — How else would you get here?
                                                 L. Carroll. "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

Imaginary reality and imagined — is real!
                                                V. Solo. "The beginning of magic"

A world in which we live — just a collective visualization, which we are taught to do since birth. Actually, it is the only thing that one generation passes to another.
                                               V. Pelevin. "Chapaev and Emptiness"

What we call the physical universe, is entirely based on the agreement. Atom, for example — it is simply an agreement between physicists. Now physicists agree on the existence of an increasing number of particles, which they have not seen.
                                              L. Reinhard. "Transformation"

You can not grasp the immensity.
                                             Kozma bars.

For several years we have tried to understand the laws of the universe, cause-mechanisms that explain what is going on in the world. The man, or rather, his mind is constantly trying to explain why he has a what happens to him, and not something else, why is he meets these people, at this time, why some love, while others ignore or hate , why some are rich and others are poor, some are healthy and some sick *.
The answers to these questions, we tried to find clever books on esoteric and psychology, and seminars on relevant topics.
Both authors began their quest with yoga and so fanatically believe in "energy", "chakra", "Kundalini" … We are strict vegetarians, periodically clean your body of accumulated toxins, save sexual energy, directing it to spiritual development.
Thanks to yoga, we have started to read a lot of esoteric books. The greatest impression works of Carlos Castaneda and Richard Bach, the impact we are so far. In our view, central to the works of Castaneda takes the concept of a "description of the world" (we assume that the Russian language more familiar term "world view"), a way of perceiving the world, which is formed from birth (and perhaps the moment of conception) and due to a tacit agreement about the world, accepted other people. This agreement is called a familiar view of the world (RMB).
In fact, the RMB is a religion, dogma is not discussed, and every man is a religious fanatic, unequivocally believe in RMB. Now many people are afraid to get into a sect, of which a great many divorced (also, incidentally, the element RMB), and do not know that for a long time owned by a sect professing RMB. Figuratively speaking, each person during the day (and most at night) to pray continuously, like this: "I believe in the frequency shift of the day, night and the seasons, I believe that there are people that I'm a man, I have one head, torso , two arms, two legs, that I belong to a particular gender (believe it not all), I believe in the power of money and the worship of power, I believe that the earth is round and revolves around the sun, I believe in gravity, I believe that I die … the sake of space, time and matter, Amen! "
— This is not a matter of faith, it's obvious! — Exclaims most readers. — I always see the confirmation of the laws of nature (in our opinion, dogma) and exceptions do not know. I can easily prove that I am right, I will give you over the head with a stick and see how you sing about the illusory nature of the universe!
Of course, head off for RMB authors do not want to expose, as we confess it:
— Though let's speculate illusion RMB — already mad rush.
The idea of the illusory world infected us Richard Bach. The first attack on the "real world" of one of the authors of the book was done with books "Revelation in storm and tempest", "The Prophets", and a series of seven books under the title "Christ" from the pen of the great Russian scientist eniklopedista, populist, Nicholas Morozov. In his work clearly demonstrated that modern ideas of ancient history and the stories are nothing more than a myth, a collection of "historical novels."
Morozov criticizes the classical history and chronology, using astronomy, geophysics, paleontology, philology, and many other sciences. Historically worldview (PCM) is cracking under the pressure of the natural sciences. Not only that Morozov destroys classic PCM, it from its wreckage immediately builds a new one.
A talented person with a wealth of imagination one built an unusual PCM, while, as usual PCM created the thousands of scientists. PCM Morozova staggering. Here are a few elements of the Morozov PCM: antiquity eastern cultures of India and China is greatly exaggerated, they appeared later Ancient Rome in the Middle Ages, and in turn, Antiquity and the Renaissance — it is the same age, and, therefore, there had been no "dark Middle Ages ", Ancient Egypt — is a province of the Roman Empire, and the pharaohs — is the Roman emperors, no Mongol invasion of Russia was not, and the Mongol-Tatar khans — is the Russian princes who lost the struggle for power *.
After the reading of the works of the author of this book, Morozov began to suspect that neither the classical PCM or Morozovskaya not describe "the real story," and, most likely, "the true story" just does not exist! Moreover, the status of the PCM is a reflection of illusion RMB.
Let's fantasize about how we create the world, but rather PCM *. Suppose that at the beginning of its development, the child does not know anything. Not only did he not know that the Earth is round, but generally unaware of its existence. Moreover, the child knows that he has boundaries and shape: two arms, two legs, head, etc. The child in the womb perceives the world holistically, not sharing it on objects identified with the world (the womb).
From time immemorial, human society is a legend, the truth of which is not questioned. It says that women are born beings having a human form, and not any crocodiles or little animals. The expectant mother, of course, share a belief in the legend.
At the stage of fetal development expectant mother imagines, would look like a toddler, and is to move, it "knows" what "part of the body," it moves. Relatives and friends of pregnant women are also convinced that she is carrying the little man. Thus, surrounding the child gives definite shape — form his physical body, accustomed to separate themselves from the rest of the world. The culmination of this process is the time of the birth: the baby is really like a human being, appears before the eyes of midwives, to be touched for the various "body parts", swaddled. Consolidation of the human form by regular exercise:
— And where you have eyes? Show eyes at her mother. Here's a doll's eyes … Look, stick, stick, ogurechik — there was a man!
In parallel to the world of the child is introduced important concept — time. Since the conception of the child is accompanied by two rhythms: somewhere heard a huge metronome beats (heart mom), except that the universe expands and contracts rhythmically (mother breathes). The universe is living on some routine, "night" calms down, "day" is activated, etc. After birth, the baby fed in strictly certain hours.
Then, under the influence of the environment, there is the creation of the world's children of different objects. Teach a child isolated from the surrounding chaos of people, objects, plants, animals …, to give them a specific, recognizable shape. Newborn to show a blur and say, "Mama, Mama, Mama …", and eventually the child learns to create mother. Metaphorically, we can say that every word is the name of a set of slides that are stored in memory. For example, the word "machine" is the set of images of cars, which have seen the baby. Thus, the existing language is an essential tool for creating reality.
When a toddler starts to confidently distinguish (materialize) the objects, he learns to connect the chain of different images in a continuous sequence, completing the missing links between the shots. Internal slides "come alive" and turn to domestic films, which may be present sound, smell, kinesthetic sensations. The child begins to understand sentences that are appropriate movie title, such as "My mother is cooking porridge." Here we introduce the causal law:
— Do not touch the fire — burn your finger, eat porridge — you will receive a piece of candy …
Growing up, man, so to speak, becomes a repository of films (in the words of Gurdjieff, a "mechanical man"). Major titles are created. After receiving new information from the outside world, a person takes it into words and instantly mounts inside a movie of your films and slides.
The collection of all domestic film rights is called a picture of the world *.
We emphasize that each person has a unique view of the world. We only pretend to understand each other — in the process of communication describes each part of the picture of the world that may differ markedly from the picture companion.
European and world view Bushman fundamentally different. It is perfect to beat in the movie "The Gods Must have gone mad." Truck perceived Bushmen, as bizarre a large animal, which runs fast. Surely native sees the machine feet, head, ears, tail …
Just very different picture of the world of man gone mad, the fact that there is a "normal" people.
How to create new objects in the film world? In deranged monologue from the film "Twelve Monkeys" perfectly explained by the emergence of microbes. We could not resist the temptation to bring it almost verbatim.
You know what madness? This is the power of the majority. Take germs, which in XVIII century, it was not simple, no normal person know who they were. Simon Weiss suddenly appears and tries to convince the other, mostly doctors that are worn in the air invisible little things — microbes that enter the body and cause disease. Weiss urges doctors to wash their hands.
Last week, I went into one hole to eat. The waiter, dropping my sandwich on the floor, picked it up and, as if nothing had happened, gave me. "What about the germs?" — I asked. He replied: "I do not believe in them. Microbes invented to cash in on selling soap and disinfectants. "
Who of us crazy? There is no such thing as germs. There is only the power of the majority. There is no right or wrong, there is just common knowledge.
Added that further materialization of microbes is not difficult — they were seen through a microscope, began to discover new species, create a classification, etc.
Recently created AIDS. The process of creating AIDS is described in detail in the book of James P. Hogan's "Rockets, Redheads and Revolution", in the chapter "The heresy called AIDS and the new bishop."
The author, citing studies by Peter Duesberg, professor of molecular and cell biology at UC Berkeley, makes a compelling argument that AIDS does not exist, and the whole epidemic fabricated for profit. Briefly cite just a few of his conclusions.
In the late eighties, Duesberg published an article that AIDS can not quite be called not only HIV, but generally any virus. Duesberg detail the correspondence of AIDS four criteria of infectious disease, known as Koch's postulates (as it sounds, and?). He found that the HIV as the cause of AIDS does not hold one of these criteria, ie "AIDS" is not contagious!
The reason that AIDS was invented, is trivial.
Striving in the early sixties to destroy polio, U.S. medical schools have released a large number of virologists. And all of these forces, were in need of an epidemic, rushed to the crusade for the solution of the "new deadly virus" and the production of a vaccine against it. Federal spending increased by billions of dollars annually. Never has the scientific-medical fraternity and manage the bureaucrats did not receive such a generous gift.
Service victims of "AIDS" occurred at the public expense, which meant lucrative consulting, revenue from testing and treatment of the most expensive drugs. The researchers, who otherwise would have spent his life looking in a microscope and launder Petri dishes, became millionaires, founded a company for the production of HIV tests, and assign fees for their conduct.
For attempted calf Duesberg, one of the pioneers in the study of retroviruses, a seven-time winner of the Prize of the State Institute of Health nominated for the Nobel Prize, was met with a chorus of insults and ridicule, discredit subjected, and the financing of his research activities were significantly curtailed.
The reader may ask: "Suppose, AIDS was invented, but people something from him die?" Duesberg argues that they do not die of AIDS, and of various diseases associated with immunodeficiency: pneumonia, tuberculosis, various infections, etc. We believe that the dying of the world picture in which AIDS is an incurable disease. All the paintings in the world are in your head, but when a person focuses on an account, it enlivens my imagination, this model is valid.
Quite an impressive picture of the world painted Hogan! It is no wonder that doctors are looking for new hard terrible disease, and the media regularly report their findings. Fortunately, replacement AIDS yet hyped universal scale.
Scheme of brand new facilities in RMB simple. Man visionary creates in his mind a movie that has not yet happened. While the movie exists in the minds of a single "mad" to declare the opening of the world is dangerous — upekut a psychiatric hospital. To come up with the status of a real phenomenon, it is necessary to convince others of its existence. And enough to convince a small group of influential people: scientists, politicians, media leaders, and the trick — obsession becomes public, collective dream. This model is clearly described in the fantastic novel K. Wilson "Parasites of consciousness."
The authority to create new objects in the modern civilized world entrusted mainly to scientists (PKM-priests of religion). Recall the Dmitry Mendeleyev, who saw in a dream a rectangular table, which was located in the cells of the known chemical elements. The table had an empty cell. They were to fill more undiscovered elements, the basic properties of the latter follows from the location of the cell. Once finished applauding the genius of the world, new elements have to be, like mushrooms after a rain. And if Mendeleev invented the table in the shape of a donut, or tried to make its classification by three criteria?
Can you imagine how many brilliant discoveries and inventions were buried in a mental hospital!
Once one of the authors of the book went to the training in another city. The compartment had a radio, and the announcer said,
— Dubna physicists succeeded in synthesizing a new element 114 of the periodic table. It has existed for 30 (!) Seconds. This is the greatest discovery since the previous elements existed microseconds (!)
As they say, no comment.
"Yeah," — an astute reader will exclaim, — "then all the troubles of RMB! Here to take to all the books, and burn. And then, head and share AIDS! "
If your view of the world no one shares, and it is very different from the usual, you may be declared insane and separated from the other lunatics who go crazy on the basis of the RMB. Therefore, we can not practice RMB, but you have to remember the basic tenets.
If you remove the PCM, it will need to come up with a new collective illusion, and it is — not an easy task, which is the power of an entire civilization.
* The authors consider the term "world view" the most acceptable, moreover, it is now often used

From the book of Gurangova Dolokhov and B. "Self magician" — St. Petersburg: Peter, 2001

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