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Truly should thank writers of past generations for the fact that the genre of science fiction has been mastered by them relatively late, and he began to gain popularity only to the 30 th year of the century. If the saga of the invasions of space aliens began to appear about fifty years earlier, we would not avoid mass panic at the sight of the cases solemnly defile armada of UFOs.

There are many cases when there is a whole group of flying objects. In 1104 in the skies of England saw a large cigar-shaped object around which circled a few glowing discs.

But particularly strange behavior seemed groups of unknown objects, the maneuvers which gave the impression of confrontation between the two. Here are some examples of these "battles".

In the summer of 1355 a lot of people watched over England to a large number of objects, the light blue and red. These objects were moving across the sky in different directions, giving the impression that they have entered into a mutual fight. Then the "army" red objects was to triumph over the blue, which quickly fell to the ground.

In April 1561 over Nuremberg, a large number of flying "plates" and "crosses" and two huge cylinder, of which flew out of balls. At the same time there were numerous areas and wheels, painted in red, blue and black. All are arranged in the sky like air combat, citing the horror of the whole population of the city. An hour later the objects began to fall, and fall to the ground in flames, destroying each other.

In August 1566 over Basel is also observed in the sky high "inclined pipes", of which there were balls. At the same time, it was observed near a large number of black spherical bodies, flying at high speed towards the sun. After a while, they made a half-turn and began to collide with each other, as if depicting the battle. Some of the objects becomes a flame red, as if "ate each other."

In the XIX and early XX century. was recorded a number of observations of large groups of any unknown objects, which sometimes flew systems. They first demonstrated their mass in September 1820 then over the French city of Embrun smooth formation flying strange, like a bell, objects, to issue a loud noise. After making a 90 degree without breaking down, they flew away. Renowned astronomer Arik wrote about the case in the "Annals of Chemistry and Physics": "Numerous observers have seen during a lunar eclipse, strange objects moving straight. They were at equal distances from each other and kept the system, making turns with military precision. "

In September 1851 over Hyde Park in London during the World Expo More than one hundred luminous disks that were approaching from the east and from the north, and then got together and flew away. In August 1871 astronomer Truvle reported mass emergence of the Madonna (Latvia) at high altitude flying objects that have a triangular, circular and rectangular in shape and move at different speeds. One of the objects lost maneuverability and began to fall, making a falling leaf motion.

In August 1883 the Mexican astronomer Jose Bonilla took pictures of several groups of round or cigar-shaped objects flying formation at the same distance from each other and slowly crossing the solar disk from west to east. Each group of 15-20 objects, and only 283 Bonilla counted object. The next day he saw another 116 such objects. In the French magazine "Astronomy" of their distance from the earth was estimated at about 300,000 miles.

September 21, 1910 nearly a million New Yorkers over the span of three hours watching over the city hundreds of round glowing objects to write about then the whole world press.

Of particular interest is the phenomenon observed February 9, 1913 over North America and the western part of the Atlantic Ocean. According to Professor Toronto univeritet Hunt and Englishman Dening, summarized the hundreds of eyewitness testimony, this phenomenon was as follows.

At 21.05 the inhabitants of the central part of Canada observed in the north-western part of the appearance of the sky fiery red body with a long tail behind which then successively appeared about 10 "waves", each of which was a 20-40 objects flying in groups of 2, 3, 4 properties. Thus, in total, has flown more than 300 luminous objects, the disappearance of which was accompanied by a rumbling sound. The total duration of observation of phenomena for certain groups of observers was more than 3 minutes.

From the combination of observations from 143 points in the Americas and the ships that were then in the Atlantic Ocean, it has been found that these objects flying in a straight line path from Saskatchewan through the New York area, and Bermuda to Cape Sao Rock on the east coast of Brazil.

In the astronomical literature, this phenomenon is called "fireballs Hunt" or "Procession Kirillid", although his performance flight characteristics contradicted cars. Suffice it to say that the length of the trajectories of these objects in the atmosphere was more than 9000 km, while the maximum recorded length of the bolide flight in near-Earth space is only 2,400 km. Altitude these objects, according to Hunt was about 40 km, and according to Hofmeister Davidson and — about 70-80 km, and their trajectory parallel to the earth surface, whereas altitude much more cars, and their trajectory as generally directed at an angle to the earth ("falling fireballs").

All witnesses described phenomenon also noted that a group of these objects were moving slowly and majestically, the speed of their flight was 10.8 km / s, while the speed of the cars is a few tens of km / s, and the duration of follow — just a few seconds. What is surprising is the fact that there was not a single drop of observation of these "cars".

Hunt suggested that it could be a group of small celestial bodies that pass by the Earth and trapped by it as a result of which they have acquired a circular orbit parallel to the earth's surface. But other scholars such as Davidson, Hofmeister and Fischer argued that air resistance would not allow the usual space bodies to make such a long flight in the atmosphere, because they had to burn down or fall to the ground. There is no clear explanation for this phenomenon has not been received.

The most amazing thing is that after 5 hours after this observation, that is, 2.30 am, exactly on the same path again flew several groups of similar objects, though the Earth during that time managed to turn 75 degrees. Quite strange as that on the next day (February 10 at 2 pm) Toronto residents watched the flight of dark objects first 7-8 from west to east and then east to west.

Groups of unidentified flying objects in the history of the period under review were also observed in 1796, in Canada, in 1808 in Sweden, 1845 m in England, in 1849 in Switzerland, in 1877, in France, in 1880 Germany and in 1895 in Mexico.

Deserve separate consideration cases where the spans of unknown objects led to the destruction of human settlements and were accompanied by the loss of life. It is assumed that the real cause of the "Great Fire" in Chicago October 8, 1871 was the passage of a huge fireball, which is on its way destroyed several villages. The heat emitted by this ball was so strong that under its influence was burning even marble and metal slipway on the river was fused into a monolith. Interestingly, after the flight of the ball in the vicinity of Chicago have been found hundreds of bodies of people killed not by the fire, but for some unknown reason.

The same night, the balls are passed over Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana and Illinois, and in the city of Green Bay killed 1,500 people, and in Pestigo and Chicago — at 6,000.

In another case that occurred in 1886 in Maracaibo (Venezuela), under the influence of an unknown oval object hovering near the house, the bodies of nine residents who were inside the house, there were tumors that disappeared the next day, leaving black spots. For nine days, these people do not feel, and on the tenth day of the affected areas were fester, forming an open wound, and people began losing his hair.

At the same time all the trees that were around the house, dried, and they also cause black spots. All the victims were sent to the hospital and survived.

Source: Inomir.Ru

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