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About the contemporary radical methods of struggle for the beautiful and shapely figure tells a leading specialist of plastic surgery ON CLINIC, MD — Valery S. Eremenko.

— Valery S., what method of correction today is most popular among patients?

It will be appreciated that life in the city is characterized by constant stress, improper diet and inadequate physical activity.

In addition, there are objective problems of metabolism, nutrition, hormonal status, who leave their mark on the "image" of the modern man.

On the other hand, the way of life in the social plan requires adherence and compliance with very different standards of decent quality of life, health, success, appearance.

The most effective and essential method of correction, allowing to achieve dramatic aesthetic results and meet the challenges of the time — is liposuction.

— What is the difference between the formation of body fat in men and women? At that affects liposuction?  

There are so-called "problem areas" or "fat traps". Their location has its own characteristic features of male and female figures.

It is believed that in such areas centered custom type of fat cells that are particularly "sensitivity" to hormones. For women, the "typical" fat on the thighs and buttocks for men — in the abdomen.

Why is it difficult to "remove" the unfortunate excess weight and acquire the desired shape?

This is due to the nature of problem areas of fat cells. Change the contours of the figures is difficult even with proper nutrition, adequate physical exercise, correction of hormonal status, etc.

As a result of all the effort people may be disappointed, even if there is some kind of result, because the contours of the figures are virtually unchanged. Liposuction simulates exactly the contours of the figures!

— What is the difference between liposuction and lipomodelirovaniem?

Lipomodelirovanie — a broad concept involves comprehensive correction of deficiencies figures, including through "combined" lipofillinga (plastic parts of the body using the patient's own fat cells). Liposuction is the same — part lipomodelirovaniya.

— What are the indications for liposuction? How safe it is?

The indication for liposuction one thing — it is not possible to achieve the desired body contours in other ways.

And the reason for the problem of a shape can be modified and hormonal status after pregnancy and childbirth, and a variety of health problems, and family history and other subjective reasons are endless.

As for security operations, it certainly depends on the overall health of patients.

In the department of plastic surgery medical center ON CLINIC liposuction is exclusively after careful preoperative examination, which may reveal possible contraindications. The very same execution protocol liposuction perfected over the years.

— In some cases, liposuction is the most effective?

The most expressive and aesthetically significant result is achievable at the local, well-defined excesses of subcutaneous fat and good skin tone.

But the main thing — the human desire to find a beautiful figure and a clear understanding of what the result will be obtained.

— How is the operation? And whether it is possible to call it surgery?  

Of course, liposuction — a surgical operation that requires very serious consideration to its planning. The method itself is based on the destruction of fat cells. And this in turn leads to a decrease in the volume of problem areas. Liposuction contributes to the formation of connective tissue in the area of intervention, allowing you to save the results achieved over the years.

To date, the foundation of virtually all methods of liposuction — preconditioning fat corrected areas with a solution containing a vasoconstrictor drugs. This process minimizes the trauma of the surgery and significantly improve the aesthetic quality of the operation.

— How is the recovery period?

Typically, patients experience a period of rehabilitation is quite comfortable. Certainly, pain and swelling in the area of operations are present, but it is not a condition which may limit the patient's daily life.

After the surgery required to wear a compression garment. Also recommended physical therapy and lymphatic drainage massage.

The medical center ON CLINIC created all necessary conditions for recovery after surgery procedures in a day hospital.

— Can we call liposuction a panacea for weight loss?

No. Liposuction is not aimed at weight control. It allows you to correct the problem areas of the figure. And the result — an incentive to maintain the received forms a healthy lifestyle.

— Will liposuction to get rid of cellulite? And what to do with stretch marks that inevitably arise with weight loss?

Liposuction does not relieve the patient of cellulite, but it will help to improve the tone of the subcutaneous tissue. And this is a positive result, especially if you are using a set of tools (cosmetic procedures, etc.).

Stretch marks occur when reducing weight, but their appearance is more dependent on the condition and tone of the skin. They, in turn, can correct cosmetic procedures. For example, laser resurfacing or injectable methods. But each case is evaluated individually.

— Apply a liposuction in conjunction with other aesthetic interventions?

Of course, there are situations where achieving a respectable aesthetic result not only of a single liposuction. After all, the attractiveness of the figure — not merely the absence of excess fat on the stomach or thighs, but also more complex correction.

For example, such as abdominoplasty surgery can not only reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat, "apron", but also to correct the deformed contours of the abdomen, to remove excess skin and stretch marks.

— Help to understand the types of liposuction. What distinguishes the "manual" liposuction on the hardware?

The main difference — in nature effects on fat cells: mechanical, ultrasonic, laser, etc. Each method has differences in performance depending on the size and location of the problem area. But for all the important techniques of quality training zone correction in the beginning.

In my practice, the most efficient and aesthetically important I think tyumestsentnuyu liposuction. Low-invasive technique, allows you to adjust the volume big enough problem areas with consistently high aesthetic result.

In our medical center — ON CLINIC, there are different methods of correction. It employs highly qualified doctors of various specialties (plastic surgeons, dermatocosmetologists, nutritionists, endocrinologists, and others). There is a modern diagnostic department. All this allows comprehensive work on the problem of fat.

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