Photon belt

January 26, 2012 15:33

The author began to wonder what exactly is the photon belt, which should enter the solar system. That is the type of information could be found.

1. To begin to hear the views of NASA for the terminology

I fear that the Earth will enter the Dark Rift (Dark Rift) in the Milky Way. Where will this lead? He will swallow the Earth?

"Dark Rift" — is known (popular) name of vast clouds of cosmic dust scattered inside the sleeves of the Milky Way Galaxy, which cover us an overview of the galactic center. Fear of the complete "galactic parade" — is a complete frenzy. In late December, the sun is always at approximately the center of the galaxy, as seen from Earth, so what of it?

Apparently, scammers who are trying to intimidate you decided to use these meaningless expressions such as "alignment", "dark rift" and "photon belt" because they are not clear to the public. This is very bad, but, unfortunately, there is no law against false information on the Internet or elsewhere, except in the court building.

2. Then remember how the term "photon belt" came from.

And he appeared for the first time with the filing Sheldon Needle in the book "Galaxy Man"

The following are excerpts:

We are here to tell you the truth concerning your solar system, which is still kept at the equilibrium point before it, probably after 1996, even indefinitely, will go into a very large light strip called photonic band of light. This photonic band — a huge light weight — a tool that will provide you again purchase full consciousness and transform your DNA and chakra system.

Photonic band in the form of a huge circle, consisting of particles of light photons, was first discovered by your scientists in 1961 near the Pleiades by satellite. In this book, we'll say that the Earth is a photonic band, and sometimes photonic band approaching Earth. The truth is that your solar system and a photon of light close to each other.

Photon of light first discovered in the early 18th century, the famous British astronomer Sir Edmund Halley during its examination of the Pleiades. Hallam became famous thanks to the discovery of asteroids named Hull. Halley showed that at least three stars of the Pleiades star is not located in the established in the classical period of Greek astronomy field. During Halley their location is so different that it was impossible to argue that the Greeks or Halley were wrong. Therefore Halley concluded that the Pleiades are moving steadily forward in the rotation system. This notion was confirmed by a century Frederick Wilhelm Bessel, conducted by their observations. Bessel found that all of the stars of the Pleiades moving every hundred years in a uniform manner with a turnover of 5.5 seconds. Paul Otto Hesse also studied the system of the Pleiades, and saw that at an angle of 90 degrees to the stars of the Pleiades in the shape of a donut thick 759,864 billion miles, or 2000 solar years, is a photon of light. Observations Bessel and Hesse are correct now. Earth completes on the photonic band of period 24,000 — 26,000 years.

3. Listened to the comments from the network on the literary work of the above

This author has become known for the theory of attractions entering the Earth in what he termed the Photon Belt. Although this theory is meant the best of intentions and really was the result of true broadcast information services of other aliens, the message was distorted for several reasons, as we have already explained.

When the announced date came, then went, and no passage through the Photon Belt not, this writer with a crash fell out of favor — no more international recognition, no more editions of books, any personal requests.

Experience of this kind for anyone to be stressful, and there is nothing unusual in the fact that in the light of recent nezhivshiesya fame, and have fun, trying to regain its former glory. Here and there, due to the failure of the materialization of the Photon Belt, shamefully stupid statements in this website, none of which were really taken seriously by the public.

4. Now listen, Doctor of Technical Sciences Dmitriev — Professor of Geology and Mineralogy, lead researcher of the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in

Based on statements Dmitriev suggests that in the early 1960s, Russian astrophysicist measured damping shock glowing plasma at a distance of 4 astronomical units (that is, the four distances from the Sun to the Earth), while the hydrogen, helium, and hydroxyl combination of other charged particles began to prevail in the end of 1960. The size and brightness of the damping stroke increased by 1000%. According to Professor D. J. Szymanski, in the United States, such studies were not carried out until 1978, so the Russian scientists possessed this information before NASA. Obviously, at the forefront of sverhsvechenie heliosphere is created as well as at the bottom of the space shuttle or a meteorite that turns bright red when moving from the vacuum of space with low density in a higher density of Earth's atmosphere.

In more technical terms: Dmitriev goes on to explain that 1000% or more increase in the excitation of the magnetic boundary really means:

"The thickening of the shock led to the formation in the wall space collisional plasma, which ends crimped solar system plasmas and its breakthrough into interplanetary region (cavity). This breakthrough represents the original grant of matter and energy on the part of the interstellar space in our solar system. "

In essence, this section suggests that formation of a new layer of luminous plasma that surrounds the solar system and is now flowing into the sun, the planets and interplanetary space, improving all levels of energetic activity that we have observed.

So, we can clearly see that the Western heliophysics, of course, found "abnormal, unexpected and unexplained increase" energy activity in extinction hitting the heliosphere, as expected in the model Dmitriev. Yet, instead of acknowledging that the density LISM changed, they simply "consider new estimates of neutral elements in the population LISM", along with other complex and problematic explanations that are only possible, but not proven. No matter what model of "acceleration" of solar energy available, the fact that energy must be "mothballed". While the simplest explanation increasing energy charge of the heliosphere would be the addition of an external source.

The answer can be found in studies of Russia (such as the research of Dr. Dmitriev), which firmly established that the density LZMS increases. And it causes tremendous energy changes throughout our heliosphere. These changes are completely linked to the ancient prophecies of the world (including the Judeo-Christian Bible), describing the events that would occur in the "last days" or the fact that other cultures called "the beginning of the Golden Age."

5. Finally, look at the facts

December 23, 2009 the solar system passed through the interstellar cloud, which, according to the laws of physics should not exist. In this issue of the journal «Nature» December 24, a team of scientists shows how NASA's Voyager spacecraft (Voyager) to solve this problem …
"With the help of data from the spacecraft Voyager, we have discovered a strong magnetic field just outside the solar system," — explains lead author Merav Opher (Merav Opher), visiting scholar at the NASA Heliophysics Division at George Mason University (George Mason). "This magnetic field holds the interstellar cloud of decay and explains the existing long been a riddle of existence."

This discovery is of undoubted importance for the future when the solar system will eventually be faced with other like clouds in our arm of the Milky Way galaxy.

Astronomers call the cloud, in which we are now entering, the local interstellar cloud (SYH), or more briefly "local Pooh." Cloud has a width of about 30 light years and consists of clumpy mixture of hydrogen and helium at a temperature of 6000 C. Actually existing Pooh puzzle must be something to do with the environment.

Occurred near the Pooh about 10 million years ago, the cluster of supernova explosion creates a huge bubble of gas at a temperature of several million degrees. Gas flows from the supernova ejected under high pressure, surround the entire cloud entirely and would have to break up or disperse it.

"The observed temperature and density of the local cloud do not provide enough pressure to resist the 'crushing action' of hot gas surrounding the cloud," — says Ofer (Opher).

Then how Pooh can survive? Voyagers have found an answer to this question. "Data from Voyager, show that" Pooh "magnetization is much stronger than previously thought — the force of the magnetic field is in the range of 4 to 5 mikrogauss" — says Ofer (Opher). "This magnetic field can provide the extra pressure to withstand the destruction."

Two NASA space research probe — Voyager — fly in the direction of the borders and of the solar system for more than 30 years. Now they crossed the orbit of the planet Pluto, and are on the verge of entering into interstellar space — but not yet entered it.

"Voyager is currently not yet reached the Local Pooh" — says Ofer (Opher). — "But they approach and can" feel "the behavior of the cloud at their approach."

"Pooh" is held exactly at the edge of the solar system by the magnetic field of the sun and is blown by solar wind into a magnetic bubble width of more than 10 billion kilometers. Called the "heliosphere," this bubble serves as a shield that helps protect all the objects in the solar system from galactic cosmic rays and interstellar clouds. Both Voyagers are located in the distal layer of the heliosphere, or "heliosheath," where the solar wind slows down the pressure of interstellar gas.

Conclusions about the existence of the "photon belt" crushing of the solar system, the radiation from space, new energy and changes in the ambient interstellar space, I suggest to the reader.

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