Physicists have found: cold plasma kills viruses

Cold plasma is formed, for example, the plasma lamp.  Or in interstellar space

Cold plasma is formed, for example, the plasma lamp. Or in interstellar space

Virus virtually no salvation. Besides its own immune system. While she can not cope with malicious "aliens", the disease continues.

Antiviral drugs are almost never work. Some of them do contribute to the fact that viruses are getting stronger and stronger.

But it seems that effective antiviral agent does exist. Hope that it found inspire studies physicist — Dr. Julie Zimmermann (Dr Julia Zimmermann) from the department of physics of the interstellar Max Planck Institute (Max-Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Germany). Doctors found that the flow of low temperature — the so-called cold plasma — eliminate the virus. Associates experimented with cold and flu germs. Handle them with plasma — ionized gas — 240 seconds. As a result of all the viruses lost the ability to reproduce. And eventually died.

Julia believes that in this way you can fight even with the human immunodeficiency pathogens.

As for the cold and flu, then treat them as if need be, just breathing cold plasma. Its temperature — about 40 degrees Celsius.

Plasma — is the fourth state of matter after solid, liquid and gaseous. Who would have thought that it is — the fourth state — ever replace pills, powders and potions?

Julia continues to experiment, is planning clinical trials. And in an article published in the journal Institute of Physic's Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, reported that plasma destroys viruses due to the fact that destroys their proteins and DNA.


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