Plants in the Summer Garden Petersburg mixed winter and spring

Warm weather, which is held in St. Petersburg, in spite of mid-December, has led to the fact that in the Summer Garden on bushes and trellis linden appeared earrings and swelling buds, the press service of the Russian Museum, to which the Summer Garden.

The famous St. Petersburg Summer Garden, founded by Peter I, one of the favorite trips of citizens. About two years ago it was closed for an extensive restoration and renovation. Garden is scheduled to open in May 2012, it will be welcomed by hundreds of new trees, shrubs and flowers.

"Abnormal fall weather in 2011 led to the plants begin to vegetate and disoriented, or if simply — is the swelling buds, catkins deflation" — the press service quoted the words of Chief Olga Cherdantseva landscaping.

On the one hand such a warm autumn turning into zimudala professionals to spend autumn planting thousands of plants at a positive temperature, which is a big plus for plants brought from other climate zones. But on the other hand — the brewing danger vymokaniya roots and weaken plants before hibernation, and they have a difficult task, and so survive in the new place of growth.

"So we have to ask Santa Claus to quickly fluffy snow — until spring to lay and did not melt," — said Chardyntseva.

Warm weather kept in St. Petersburg during the autumn, these frosts in St. Petersburg this season almost was not. Through December temperatures in above zero, and in the last few days, even more than 4-5 degrees.

Because of this, on the lawns of the city you can still see the green grass. It is reported that some plants are beginning to "wake up" and in the Botanical Garden of the city on the Neva.

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