Point of view, self-esteem …

 Point of view, self-esteem ...

"When people choose to believe, and do not know — it's time to charlatans …"
Do not believe a word I say!

If you really want to be useful, the fight against ignorance, poverty servility, slavery, bigotry and hypocrisy. Litsemerovi bigots did the elite of society — actors, singers, politicians, Fin. oligatory. You yourself hold forum where they will lie, so do not be surprised what is happening and just angry at myself. Only by changing yourself you can change the space. All the problems of ignorance, which is the essence of all fanatically imposed without shame or conscience. Enlightened people do not impose anything on anyone. Using the three criteria of knowledge of the truth you niktonikogda not lie only on this basis can unite everyone. Based on the points of view that are beneficial only parasites, you as a swan, crayfish and pike — each tyanetna themselves. We must start with the family: What is now present as a form of family breeding slaves.

Point of view — is the basis of the power of darkness. What do you all harping: This is my / your point of view? Who told you the first time, what's good? Who told them? If you rootless — keep listening everybody, that's your business. Point of view it is an emanation of the false ego — a common cause of matter. Holding on to the point, you grow together with matter and of no spiritual growth out of the question. Lack of spirituality is not coincidental.
Point of view — this is the lack of spirituality. Do not truly spiritual people of different points of view, they all come in different corners of the Earth to the same conclusions. No two points of view on a question: Is the Left Hand Path Iput Right. Everything else is issued for spirituality — a lie. Those who do not even understand this — are used as slaves, and in Darkness, Light slaves do not hold.
Point of view (TZ) is a layout for the most stupid, because She pulls a different principle of Darkness: Cluj neighbor gad at the bottom, look back High. Because everyone will not be able to live on their TZ some budetdominirovat, gaining supporters. Those who do not share the dominant TZ be slaves to Babylon 5-day's rest for slaves. Darkness wants you to buy the right to life, received nothing. Now for a figurative example of what is happening. Will you give your child an expensive, new laptop, when he sits in the bath with the water? The child does not know its value, will not be able to use it is not something that vvanne, but simply because of low skills, plus there is a danger that it can drop into the water and laptops expensive thing disappears. This is just one aspekt.A will you give to your child, who is sitting in the bathtub with water play bare wire connected to the outlet? DANGER tragic outcome tends to 100%.
You understand that you, how your cell phone? In order to use this is not necessary. Any teenager can master the use of this device. Does this mean that you and this boy is equal? Neither you nor he, like most people do not understand how to operate the device. But the teenager does not have equal rights with you, right? And the fact that you both have equal access to technology does not automatically equalizes YOU THE RIGHTS. You can get married, get divorced, you have the right to vote, you can make large purchases on their own and so on, as opposed to a teenager. You think this is fair.
If you are a cell, you have an advantage over the ordinary user and you just will not find himself equal to the average man in professional matters, without taking into account any difference in age or social status. This objectivity, because you qualified person in this matter. And in ideologies have competent people, and IS screamers ignorant and philistine, SELF WHICH EQUALS suicide. Eslivy manufacturer of cellular, you will not take you to the post of chief engineer to his laborer, right? Otherwise, you will cover your entire business. So you advise a stranger to your business, from their perspective, you absolutely violet and rightly so.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe relatively T.Z: — "It's not what makes us free, that we do not recognize over you, but that's what we know how to respect standing over us, because it elevates the respect of ourselves …"
Is there a point of view at the Yakuza? There are no points of view, all subject to those who are much higher levels of development, so it is good to all. All respect Yakuza creatures are afraid because it acts as a single organism, where each performs its duties, and each is in place. Insubordination, disrespect dealt with severely. That is why the yakuza came to power in Japan have banned lending rate, as a fraud. Japan also had a period when everyone was sitting on the view. There reigned tyranny gangs of different nationalities, who came to Japan, from where you can. Sound familiar? At the cost of many lives yakuza clans were united, was destroyed in TZ and only on this basis that they were able to restore order by which all prosper.
After the soviet tank raid on Prague all Czech citizens have adopted a principle: do not buy anything from a soldier SA And not sold them anything. As soon as the representatives of the army, SS (Soviet Union) came vmagazin, shop immediately closed. And they have nothing left to do but get out. If someone was to make "a little" rat business, deciding that his TZ stands above the interests of the other, would t.e.proyavil ego, ambition, vanity, greed to extract, the Czech Republic because of these rats (or part of the Czech Republic) to be included in the USSR.
The bottom line: people who have given up points of view, all the rascals parasites trying to get round because TZ separate people, achtoby rule parasites must division: Divide and conquer.
What could be the TZ on concepts such as honor, conscience, Knowledge, Virtue? It's either there and then those same people think and act, or not, then these individuals act as slugs, lead by ego, ambition, pride, and greed.
"Experience — this is an expensive school, but what to do, if for no other school of fools" (Benjamin Franklin)
"Two-legged creature, called man, will VECHNOVERIT what flatters her passion is what fuels her hatred of her love and favors. Here you have all the morals! "(Honore de Balzac) about the creature, referred to O. de Balzac immediately clear: Everything that flatters the false ego, ambition, vanity, all indulging the five senses by which the brain receives information on a primitive level the first phase of personality, all this is taken = to cheer = these same creatures.
If so, how do you presented, and point of view is a priority indicator of society, then, how things will be resolved disputes arising from the collision of diametrically opposed TZ? Well you do not think about it when teshite ego, arrogance, believing that you — the only measure of all things in Intrenet in the city, the state, in the world?
The state did not initially accept any TZ and limits, any conceit laws, problems are solved disputes in court. A court is a distorted form of the heritage of their ancestors, which operates under the same three criteria of knowledge of the truth on which you made fun of, but because of feeble mind you can not understand even that.
The first criterion — the opinion of the competent person or pokakomu-matter (the shortest way of knowing the truth.) In court this taknazyvaemoe "telephone justice", which all the piss, and the use of which everyone knows, even the most obtuse, that the court will not solve the real problem . In resonant case, someone call the judge and "recommends" Themis tip in either direction, depending on market conditions, favorable to those with dominant TZ That's the shortest way to solve the problem, just drag and distorted.
The second criterion — that says Legacy Ancestors on the subject (not to reinvent the wheel). In judicial practice, this — Judicial Precedent-That is: "What was considered a similar case in other courts?" In order not to reinvent the wheel.
The third criterion — a personal experience (to light all the criteria kodnomu denominator need to make sure your experience so say the first two criteria, or not — check). That is, the judge takes note of "telephone justice", judicial precedents and already thinking of the law, or to act justly. But since Judges are appointed from the same people who you are, it takes into account the fact that flatters his ego, ambition, vanity, greed and then you have what you have. Solid illusion and naebalovo you are and deserve, considering himself the measure of all things.
Who you are, in fact, with its (their) TZ given up? It is necessary only to stupid and ignorant majority itself helped the ruling minority, gag those who really understands something. So, those in power, blame of tyranny, which could obvinitih themselves, this version of social order, the foolish and short-sighted "volunteers" who do not feed bread, and let povyakat that they felt themselves important, but not in reality but only at the level of self-esteem, but really they ssut down as needed, and not only in court.
That is the significance of this illusion you are asserting their TZ promenivaete and their real freedom and the right to be a man and not be called, as in fact an appendage of the state machine of suppression of those who have higher levels of yours.
"One day Diogenes returned from the bath, and he was asked, multipath people there.
— A lot of people, and the people — almost anyone — philosopher said "
"And many of those who have turned away from life, turned tolkoot rabble: they did not want to share with the rabble no source, no flame, no fruit" (Friedrich Nietzsche)
Napoleon same about democracy, power slave (vperevode Greek), about T.Z, about equality, contrary to the laws of nature: "Freedom is probably still need to be very small krugalits, naturally gifted higher capacity than the total mass but that's why freedom is suppressed near impunity can not be said about equality, which is the ideal weight "
"Equality, we are busy cares, swamps and hills ravnyaemmy; hills when equated with swamps, marshes become hills" (IgorGuberman)
"The thing is not shameful shameful when it celebrates the mob" (Marcus Tullius Cicero)
"On those who gave the State of the right to judge all of Sway view:" Average age born in spoiled, because compared to the other without the high cost you can go for the embodiment of virtue. Who has not killed his father and robbed churches, he is a decent person and excellent integrity "(Michel de Montaigne)
Ie people do not have any personal information in order to be a measure, but just something they do not get caught by these de Montaigne fanaticism. A similar statement of Mark Twain: "This man is known only that he did not sit, but why not sit — do not know"
"Justice — the ratio between things: it is always the same, no matter what it is not being considered, whether it is God, an angel, or, finally, man" (Charles de Montesquieu) — that is, no two ways about poodnomu issue
"I do not proclaim the truth of the whole people in the places: people have used as the judges of evil" (Pythagoras)
There is going to have a period of "democracy", as the people a set TZ uncoupling ego, ambition, vanity and greed, which is not typical of people who have experienced its highest-I-
Of those who want a natural anti equality, for those who need a utopia called with-o-q-and-a-l-i-s-m, of those who adored his TZ, ego, ambition, vanity (Gustave Le Bon <Psychology of Socialism>): — "The Losers, misunderstood, without practicing lawyers, writers without readers, pharmacists and doctors without patients, poorly paid teachers, holders of various degrees, nenashedshie training, employees, recognized masters of no use, and t . on are the natural successors of socialism. In fact, they have little interest in their own doctrines. Everything they dream is create by force of society in which they would be the owners. Their cries for equality and equality does not prevent them to despise the mob, did not work as they are, the book education. They consider themselves far above the operating while vdeystvitelnosti at his excessive self-interest and low practicality, they are much lower than the worker. If they became masters of the situation, they gave way to autocracy samovlastiene Marat, Saint-Just and Robespierre — these typical samples poluuchenyh misunderstood. Hope to become tyrants after a long suspense, the humiliation, was to create a fair chislopriverzhentsev socialism. "
As you can see there are people who have planted the basis of behavior and outlook point of view instead of relying on three criteria of knowledge of the truth-sanity:
"As long as men live without a common power to keep all their vstrahe, they are in that condition which is called war, and it is in a state of war of all against all" (Thomas Hobbes)
"Everything is at war with everyone, both in public and in private life, and everyone with himself" (Plato)
Ie it is not the people, if every man for himself and there is no common unifying principle, able to cement all in one body. Consequently, such a society is sick, and everything in nature is sick kill predators.
Those who do not understand what is a slave, because he, you see a point of view on this: "Woe to the people, if slavery could not humiliate him, such people are created to be a slave" (Peter Chaadaev)
On the stupidity and ignorance, which the Council to be ashamed of our ancestors, it is said, and the classics:
"ALL NEW PEOPLE AND USEFUL hated and despised: he hated doctors in the Time of Cholera, and he loves vodka, on the people's love can judge the significance of the fact that love or hate" (Anton Chekhov. From zapisnyhknizhek). Everything is new, as is well known, it is well forgotten old.
About the performance of their prescribed duties (FrensisBekon — the caste -): "The nature wins, only obeying its laws"
Against the dominant point of view: "The truth — the daughter of time, not authority"
The foundation is the only heritage of ancestors, or will have to re-invent the wheel, so he says that the truth is the daughter of time. It must be remembered that the writing had covertly — around kostryinkvizitsii burned.
"Knowledge — the power" (Francis Bacon)
Another stone on the institute and the dominant conceit TochekZreniya:
"I have no doubt that, if true, that the three angles of a triangle are equal to two angles of the square, contrary to someone's right to rule, or the interests of those who already have this power, then, as it would be at the mercy of those whose interests are affected by this truth, the teaching of geometry would be esline disputed, then supplanted by burning all the books on geometry "(Thomas Hobbes)
About conceit Leo Tolstoy — "Man is like a fraction: the denominator — what he thinks about himself, the numerator — the fact that it is on samomdele. The larger the denominator, the smaller the fraction "
Fools following statement is easy to understand, even though it sounds succinctly:
"It gets the power of the name, and not the name of power" (Niccolo Machiavelli)
It's about the same point of view as to call them, and whatever they did not give a value,
conceit is Truth itself is — nothing, cry ignorance.
On the dangers of perspectives: "In different principles can not find a common language" (Confucius)

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