Polish artist memories of his near-death

September 3, 2012 11:22

The question "What is there beyond the threshold of death?" Excites people a long time. His research focuses on numerous publications describe the experience of hundreds of survivors of clinical death and returned from "over there." Visited "there" and the Polish artist Alicja Zentek (Alicja Zietek).

She talked about it in the article "The Easels", published in the journal Nieznany Swiat. Present to you the abridged translation of this article.
My clinical death occurred during pregnancy. January 8, 1989. Around 22:00, I started bleeding. There was no pain, only the severe weakness and chills. I realized that I was dying.

Polish artist Alicja Zentek (Alicja Zietek)

The operating me connect different devices, and the anesthesiologist began to read aloud their testimony. Soon I began to choke and heard the words of the doctor:-losing contact with the patient can not feel her pulse, it is necessary to save the child … — Voices began to subside around, their faces blurred, then there was darkness …
Again … I found myself in the operating room. But now I felt good, easy. Doctors bustled around the body lying on the table. Approached him. I lay it. My split shocked me. There, on the table, I lay like a lifeless deck, and at the same time it was here — healthy, full of energy.

And even able to float in the air. Miraculous healing? But why no one can see me?
I swam up to the window. The street was dark, and suddenly I panicked, I felt that I must certainly attract the attention of doctors. I started screaming that I have recovered, and that to me — with that — do not do anything. But they have not seen or heard. I'm tired of the stress and. rising above, hung in the air.

Strength slowly returned to me. I was sure that she's alive, because they have vision, smell, touch. Just do not feel the weight of his body. Because of the unusual condition I was seized by a strong
fear. I realized that if I have no one sees and hears, so I became different. But why? After all, I'm alive! So what happened to me?

Alienation from the mortal world

I tried to touch different objects — the feeling was the same. She decided to get in touch with people on the street. Came out of the window, climbed over streetlights and headed toward the village. Fell to the ground, walked down the street. I saw a guy and a girl standing at the gate of the house. They were holding hands and talking. Approached them. looked into the eyes of both of them, walked around. No reaction. -You know that. did not see me? — I cried loudly. Instead of answering, the guy attracted to a girl, kissed her, and they parted.
I realized that between me and the real world there was a barrier, and I began to thrill.
Ahead heard clear voices. Went to meet the young people flock. Stopped a few feet away. Now they stumble on me … And they went through me, as through empty space! I was quite scared.

In desperation, I decided to return to the operating room. I tried to make contact with the body, which no one did. If it failed, I would have entered into it, to join him. But the body of my attempts failed to respond. I made sure that I was in complete isolation.
I could see, hear and feel the world around me, but the people of this world have not seen, heard or felt me!

A visit to the beautiful country

The ceiling came shining white light. He fell to me, is not blind and without burning. I realized that the beam is calling to her, promising relief from isolation. Without thinking, she went to meet him.
I moved along the line, though invisible to the top of the mountain, feeling completely safe. Reaching the top, I saw a wonderful country, a harmony of bright and at the same time, almost transparent colors, sparkling around. It is impossible to describe in words. I was all eyes looked around, and all that is around, filled me with such a delight that I cried, my God, what a beauty! I have to write all of this. " I was seized with a burning desire to return to my old reality, and display all the pictures that I saw here.

Thinking about this, I again found myself in the operating room. But this time, looking at her as if from the outside, as if the screen cinema. And the film seemed black and white. The contrast with the colorful scenery wonderful country was striking, and I decided to move there again. A sense of glamor and excitement did not pass. And in my head every now and then the question arose: "Since I was alive or not?" And I was afraid that if go too far into this unknown world, the return will not be. And at the same time did not want to part with such a miracle.
However, the desire to quickly capture on canvas and show other people amazing country emerged with renewed vigor. At this point, something stopped me (as if grabbing the back of his neck) and pushed through the transparent bluish barrier. I went through it, as through a jelly.

Now I'm not by looking at the beauty of this paradise, I was in it! And all eyes stared at every detail.
That's very close — you can get a hand — arched, like the Earth, rainbow. And the colors are the same: blue, yellow, red. On Earth, rainbow portends good weather. But here?

Most Lucent conversation with Spirit

"You see the accumulation of basic energies of different strength and different actions. Each of them shows a different color. "

Words were heard clearly in the mind, as if they said someone near me.
I moved on. All around it was a sea of red tulips. I leaned over and began one to consider it. Amazing — we can mentally communicate with each other! And he was telling me about yourself. I stayed with the other colors, and they talked to me. Everyone, as well as people in the world, had their wishes and concerns. Suddenly, I was horrified that step on living creatures. I looked at the ground. But it turned out that I do not cause any harm to the colors, so easy was my pace. And I realized: everything is constructed as follows. that all the creatures of nature are equally important, have the same value. As if in reward for my understanding on me suddenly a gorgeous white dress, and in my mind was made:

"Now she can choose a path that will go on."

I was again seized the desire to share with people experienced here joyful feeling, I decided to go back to them. With great regret, I soared over the edge of the miraculous. In flight, I turned back to again and again to enjoy the magnificent spectacle.

Blue space around slowly getting dark, and it was very blue. Suddenly appeared close blurry vision, in appearance like a man. It was the Most Lucent Spirit, he radiated good, and in my head rang the words:
"Do not worry, I will not cause you any harm. You can talk to me. If you want to ask me questions and I answer them. And if you wish to return to their own world, tell me about it. "

And we started our mental conversation. Spirit became my confessor, pastor, teacher and friend. I realized that he — the embodiment of genuine kindness.

I told him about himself, told the innermost secrets, both good and bad. When I wanted to hide something from him, I immediately felt that he knows about it. And is not afraid to reveal his darkest moments of his life. He did not condemn me, and explained that indicates an error, and taught how to be critical of myself.

At some point I am. unexpectedly for herself, said:
"I do not deserve to be in heaven, because I do not go to Mass at the church, though is considered a Catholic." A Most Lucent Spirit said,
"Catholic people have erected. If you believe in God, it is enough to sit on the roadside stone, to pray for him. "
Talking, we were flying through the vast expanses of space, in a thick blue light flashed dots, but they sparkled and dazzled the eyes. I saw our planet from above, it looked exactly like the images captured by satellite — was as beautiful, colorful. And I said, "Tell me, Earth threatened with death?" And he said:

"Life on Earth, like all the other celestial bodies, has its period of existence. But how long he will be depends on the people. So far, the people are destroying nature and destroy the Earth, but she rebuffs him. However, the energy of the Earth in the course of this conflict is extinguished. "


We approached a huge cloud of pink mist, I wanted to be in it. But the Spirit stopped me. "Do not fly there, it's dangerous!" — He warned. I suddenly felt anxious, I felt a kind of threat and
decided to return to his body. And found himself in a long, dark tunnel. Flew on it alone, Most Lucent Spirit near gone.

… I opened my eyes. I saw doctors, the room with the beds. On one of them I was lying. Around me there were four men in white robes. Raising his head, I asked,
"Where am I? And where is that beautiful country? "

The doctors looked at each other, one smiled and patted me on the head. I felt ashamed of my question, because they probably thought I did not have all the right in the head.

So I went through a near-death experience and being away from his body. Now I know that those who have gone through something like this, not mentally ill, and normal people. Does not stand out from the rest, they came back from "over there", knowing these feelings and experiences that do not fit the conventional concepts and ideas. And I know that during that tour has acquired more knowledge, comprehend and understand more than in all my previous life.

Translated from Polish by Vadim ILYIN
"Secrets of the twentieth century"

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