Postage stamps and Grunwald

July 20 opened in Grodno Belarusian-Polish filyatelistychnaya exhibition "Grunwald-600." At the time it happened gashenne mark "the 600th anniversary of the victory at Grunwald," which issued Belpochta.

At the opening made by the Consul General of Poland in Grodno Andrzej Khodkevich. He said, although Battle of Grunwald in a long time was napavlegendarnay event, but it was really important primarily for the Poles, Lithuanians and Belarusians. They were able to protect themselves, so even after six years, remembers the Grunwald victory.

Fragment of the exhibition

The employee "Belposhta" does spetsgashenne "Grunwald" brand

The exhibition was visited Consul General of Poland Andrzej Khodkevich

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