Present and future ship missile

Present and future ship missile
Now the development of the ship’s guns in almost everything is dependent on the fact that the construction and development of the Navy based on the principles of the «fleet against the shore,» and not «fleet against fleet.» Because in almost all Asian countries, which are evenly located on a leading position in world trade market instrument arise quite extraordinary solutions in the field of naval arms.
For example Indian missile «Dhanush» (BR modification «Prithvi-2») — the world’s only BR, which can be run from a surface ship, while Start is ordinary patrol boat.
According to Deputy Director of the Institute views Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Khramchikhin, it is entirely possible that the BR of various ranges (from TR to MRBM) will be located on submarines and on surface ships. SLCM, as stated in the article «Tomahawk» and his heirs, «has become» mainstream «.
Now standing armed RCC subsonic flight in the coming uniformly vypihnet hypersonic development is conducted with the highest likely unification with SLCM. At least, exactly what happens in families missiles «Onyx» — «BrahMos» and «Caliber». At the theoretical level and in the midst of «Hatchet» there RCC (BGM-109C), but it does not need the U.S. Navy because of the lack of suitable for her purposes.

Intensively developing svehzvuk China (ASM C-803) and Taiwan (RCC «Hsiung Feng-3»).
According to the views of military analysts, a significant leap in the rate of RCC will be one of the main problems of air defense in the near future already. How likely alternative solutions — reeks of combat lasers. As is the case with ground air defense, which tests underway. If any, will be made, they will naturally use on ships, as in this case, removed many restrictions on the weight and dimensions of laser systems (the ship enough room for them) and energy (laser will be powered by a massive ship EI).
But now no combat lasers in service not found in any country in the world, aircraft and anti-ship missiles continue to be major combat neuvvyazkami korabley.S other hand, «with the filing» of the U.S. large surface ships are important elements of a missile defense system. From this point of view, they have a significant advantage, missile defense area can peredvinatsya together with the ship, though fairly quickly. The undisputed favorite in this part of the U.S. and its modifications Zour «Standard». TTX latest developments missiles are classified, first it antimissile standard SM3, which makes it difficult to give an impartial assessment on the basis of beliefs determine threats to attack missiles. In general, since there is the experience of defeat this missile satellites, height defeat achieves at least 250 km.
European counterpart — SAM «Aster» that set now new English, French and Italian frigates and destroyers, virtually all indicators inferior South American missiles.

Present and future ship missile
European Zour «Aster»

With all this, in general, it is believed that «Asteria» able to shoot down anti-ship missiles «BrahMos». Moreover, European and Chinese missiles inferior Zour HQ-9, which are installed on destroyers, etc. 052S (range of SAM is 200 km, reach height of 30 km).
Virtually all modern naval SAM located in OHR, ie all are ready to start immediately. In this regard, look archaic Russian revolver PU for S-300F.
In defense system RRC «Moscow» comes multichannel air defense missile system (ADMS) collective — zonal defense C-300F «Fort» 64 5V55 missiles (SA-N-6) charged in 8 reels

Israeli SAM «Barack»
Present and future ship missile

By TTX it also lags behind the «Standard», although comparable with European and Chinese SAM. Shipborne air defense assets in the midst of short-range actions are more modern Israeli air defense system «Barack» (installed on many ships of the Indian Navy) and Russian ZRPK «Chestnut» (also installed on frigates being built for Vietnam).

Anti-aircraft missile and artillery system «Chestnut»
Present and future ship missile

In the latter case, the defeat of flying up RCC should be provided with fire 2-blocks 6 30mm guns with a total rate of fire up to 200 rounds a second that, theoretically, can be quite excellent.
IDAS — the world’s only for PL-Zour. SAM exit from the apparatus as torpedoes, later opened the control surfaces when leaving the water and fires a rocket engine rocket rushes to the goal.
Also noteworthy German IDAS — unique in the world for SAM PL (approx 212), which will be able to hit the helicopters and boats (firing range — 20 km) when the submarine at periscope depth.

Anti-missile system BA-111 «Squall»
Present and future ship missile

Because there is no alternative submarine (see «Unbeatable weak instrument») is uncontested and torpedoes (and as a weapon against themselves submarine submarines and other ships, and as the only real means of defeating the submarine), the main trends in the development of which is to increase the speed and power of warheads.
With all of this, but superfast Russian missile-torpedo «Squall» is a pre-impasse because a very small range and depth control and very high noise level. On the other hand, she thought to herself to use the cavitation cavity to accelerate the torpedo can be fully applied.

German torpedo «Barracuda» (scheme)
Present and future ship missile

Namely, it was reported that in Germany created torpedo «Barracuda», which uses the same principle of movement, but unlike «Squall», which is controlled (with an acoustic homing system). Speed ​​ordinary torpedo achieves currently 50 knots., In rare cases — 70 kt.
With regard to guidance systems, then there is competition Our homeland where made torpedo guidance swirl on a surface ship. Of course, that put such interference torpedo fundamentally unreal. With all this anywhere else similar torpedoes failed.
As mentioned above, the torpedo now definitely linked with the submarine in the sense that it applies or submarines, or against submarines (including other submarines). But only PLO remains challenging: the boat is very hard to find, and discovered — to hit.
Because individual principal direction in the development of naval armaments would be the creation of autonomous underwater vehicles to combat submarines. Such devices capable of operating for months, will be the first truly effective tool in the history of the PLO.
But here we need to solve the problem of reliable determination of the submarine, which is only difficult. Artillery at least remains in ships as a means of self-defense. With all this we can not exclude that it (assuming the upcoming growth firing range) will once again become the main instrument of naval warfare in this case SLCM started to attack coastal targets, will be increasingly crowded with ships RCC.
Moreover, one can not exclude new growth caliber naval guns. Then the shell will be even cheaper, with all this very effective substitute for RCC, while invulnerable to enemy air defenses.
A similar concept is implemented partially on U.S. destroyers like «Zamvolt» where installed two 155-millimeter guns, firing at a range of 140-180 km. In general, these instruments projectiles actually constitute a rocket, wherein the satellite system targeting.
Yet, they are much cheaper though what SLCM or RCC, with all this ammunition in the ship to be thousands of such shells, while the missiles can be a maximum of a few 10’s. Similar experiments with the installation of the frigate tower 155-mm self-propelled guns PzH-2000 held in Germany. An aircraft armament ships in relation to the aircraft carriers were dealt with in the article «Kings of the Oceans».
But the extensive development of the UAV is able to do a «mini-aircraft carrier» at least some surface ship directly to the corvette, as these devices are smaller manned vehicles. Drones, apparently uniformly displace anti-submarine helicopters, they also provide distant reconnaissance fleet.
In addition, combat UAVs carrying 1-2 RCC will be «long arm» of the ships directly to the frigates. Accommodation aboard long-range SLCM coastal targets to hit, and immediately shock UAV with RCC for many states will be fully adequate substitute for a cheap and very aircraft carriers.
In general, vorachivayas to the top article, you need to realize that now waging war fleet almost exclusively against the shore. Large-scale naval fight in the foreseeable future are likely only in this case, if one of the participants in these struggles will the Chinese Navy. Other embodiments are excluded.

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