Price of Venezuelan oil

The first batch of Venezuelan oil for Belarus cost 656 dollars per ton.

This is with reference to the National Statistics Committee told financial news agency.

According to the FSA, according to the National Statistics Committee of Belarus in May 2010 imported 79.8 million tons of oil from foreign countries at the price of 656 dollars per ton. It was in May, Belarus received the first batch of Venezuelan oil.

For comparison, according to the same source ton of Russian oil in Belarus cost $ 398 per ton.

The Belarusian oil company does not comment, as well as the National Statistics Committee.

According to the Economic Observer newspaper "Belarusians and Market" Tatiana Manyanok, while it is difficult to say whether this figure is real.

"The average cost of oil, which is obtained by oil Oil Refinery in June, was $ 437."


Oil Venesuela

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