Princess, to tame the spirits of fire and light

April 15, 2012 10:05

Our heroine — a representative of an ancient noble family Ax Haskha, which in Russian means "white bone". From generation to generation, there were born shamans.

Ludmila ancestors communicated with spirits and doing healing. Today it — the successor of this gift. In Khakassia People come from all over Siberia, shamans to ask advice or get help.

Sun, Moon and FILIN

Ludmila head adorns the long gray braid, and only her costume — it's all a work of art. But it's not the beauty. Ludmila has created the dress exactly as she commanded spirits.

On his head shaman hat, which proudly sits owl face cover with strips of white cloth. The costume is embroidered with bells, owl feathers, shells.

— Looks interesting outfit, I agree — laughing shaman. — But in fact, the main thing is not the form but the content. All elements of the suit is not for beauty, each performing its function.

Ribbons on my costume say that I have a lot of spirits, with whom I associate. Sleigh Bells also scare away evil. Images of the moon and sun represent life, because our people since ancient times people worshiped these celestial bodies. Owl also represents wisdom.

By the way, with the advent of bird life Lyudmila related the whole story.

— Spirits gave me the information that the owl — that's my — says shaman. — I need to be in costume owl or owl. I walked all day and I thought, where's my owl, then take it. Ask hunters to shoot — sorry. A stuffed somewhere in museums look — hardly anyone will give. All day thinking about the owl hat I did not let go. In the evening, the phone rang. I picked it up, and it was an old friend — an artist. He says to me that he had long been in the studio is a stuffed owl. Sovushka not need anyone, so he decided to throw it away. But for some reason I thought about and decided to offer.

So Lyudmila appeared owl, which, by the way, was not an owl, but a real owl — a faithful assistant in shamanic rituals.

— I owl dubbed tenderloin. When going to the ceremony, and said to him: "All Phil, will now communicate with the spirits."

Lyudmila bells also found by accident. Spirits told her that her dress must be bells. But where to take them, shaman did not know. Where once it was not looking for them! All worn out.

— All that I came across, was not appropriate. I asked the spirits for help. And they helped me. Returned from Europe, my daughter. And brought a gift. He hands me a bunch of bells and even grieve that nothing good I had not brought. This just a bunch of her fancy.


Kobezhikovy descended from ancient princely family. It is believed that the princely title ancestor shaman awarded herself Catherine II. Great-grandfather helped facilitate the Empress had been tormenting her illness — swelling feet.

— In my family always born shamans — says Lyudmila. — The Soviet government prevented my mother to become a shaman. Our family was subjected to brutal repression. But my mom still doing healing. To her secretly, under the guise of family members, people came from a variety of ills and ailments. And my mom helped them. However, not all. I think she had a third eye. One look her enough to understand what the patient's intentions: evil or good. If you saw a man impure thoughts, refused to help, not to incur the wrath of the spirits, and the repression was afraid to speak.

Ludmila father was a good herbalist. When she was a child, he used to take her with him to the field. Together they searched there herbs. One day his father sent Ludmila gather herbs for tea. The girl at first argued, that, well, she does not understand them. But he insisted and said that the hands and the heart of her prompt. He was right. Lyudmila intuition did not fail. Since Lyudmila most delicious herbal tea.

— Mom also an expert in herbs knew — she says. — One day, when I was just a child, my mother happened is an interesting story. She was gone for a whole day at home. We all lost it. She returned late in the evening, tired, but some inspired. I began to ask her where she was. She replied that her perfume on a mountain called her to the grass healing came. I was surprised that she had done this way for the sake of a handful of small. And she answered me that how many gave so much and got it. Or maybe even someone will call the spirits, and herbs are not enough?

Each kind has its own shaman sacred trees and animals. In this Kobezhikovyh larch and bear.

— Still revered birch — it our people since ancient times was considered a sacred tree — says shaman. — Well, bear — is the master of the taiga. He was respected and otherwise cajoled. After Taiga fed our family. All my ancestors were hunters and anglers. Grandma caught fish with his bare hands. Imagine how many fish in the rivers was! Who does not. The man is ruined.


Lyudmila said that a shaman can be, they need to be born. But not all the modern descendants of shamans opens his gift. Most ignore the call of the spirits and live ordinary human life.

But there are those who discover the strength. Most often the spirits called shaman in adulthood.

— All my life I feel that I have some control, leading me — says Lyudmila. — Strange things tend to be in the woods. No matter what company I was not there, with family or friends, always turned out that I wander alone. Lost in thought, I go … I look back — and next to no soul. Try as he might, but always the same output.

The first time the spirits Lyudmila met a cave near the tribal-Chul Oh, or, as it is now called, Koshkulakskoy cave. This place is considered ancestral to Kobezhikovyh, Obdynyh, cooks and Chusteevyh. There anciently held shamanistic rituals. Local residents have dubbed it the Cave of the Black Devil. In Soviet times, many who visited her, went mad. And almost everyone imagined or shaman with glowing eyes or a huge bear.

— It's all from the fact that far from the entrance to the cave was buried very powerful shaman, — says Lyudmila Kobezhikova. — And this place since ancient times for complex rituals. Cave — not a place for excursions. You can not go in there with bad thoughts: they will return. Hence the vision of all those people.

Over there, next to a mysterious cave, Ludmila was the master of the mountain.

— The Spirit took me kindly. Astral gave me diamonds and told kamlat. Then I realized that I was blessed spirits and the way my future life is already defined.

Since Lyudmila discovered her power. Each shaman must visit at death — as knowledgeable say, "have had shamanic illness." After either completely recover or die. Disease Ludmila won since been five years, and its shamanistic force is added. She even called the "golden shaman."

— Everyone should have a shaman teacher who guides him through life. I also have such mentors. One Arjan Kezerkov, hereditary shaman. Wherever I may be, I feel his presence and good energy.


— Mankind worries me — I said goodbye to Lyudmila. — You look around. Previously, people were living in harmony with nature. And now lost their tradition. Look at how many natural disasters on earth is going on. Shamans know, from what it is: the nature of revenge humanity. For sins. If people do not change their minds, it will go on and on mankind will fall much more terrible catastrophes.

When we take something from nature, you always have to give something back in return. Spirits should entertain, cajole, that they have not punished. Shamans have always done. Bonfire, and cast into the fire food. After all spirits — they are the same as people. They also want to have.

When I sit down at the table for dinner, I can see that they are next. They must call, offer them refreshments. No invitations to the food they will not accept. But this should be done with an open heart. If a man of unclean thoughts, then wait for him to trouble. Punish the spirits, nashlyut disease or trouble.

Salons of Madame KOBEZHIKOVOY

Before becoming a shaman, Lyudmila Kobezhikova led a social life. She was a fashion designer, and even had her own fashion theater.

In 1998, Lyudmila, a philologist by training, has opened its theater mode "Chirkeen" that in Khakassian means "yoke, fashionista."

— I opened the theater for the revival of the national costume — said Lyudmila. — Not only in Khakassia, and beyond. I and my theater events visited many cities. Even at the Moscow Fashion Week were. In Siberia, participated in many festivals. Even abroad, we are known.

Ludmila says that tailoring — it is very responsible, it is necessary to put the soul. All suits are made individually for the image of man, and even in his inner world. Many of his creations Kobezhikova dreamed. Spirits prompted her to create such collections as "Pink Flamingos" and "Girl Amazon."

— Create a costume — it's a ritual, — the shaman. — Clothing should not only decorate and warm person, but also to protect, to be with him one. Not for nothing is the Khakass anciently as will associated with the article of clothing.

Ludmila has shared with us some very important. Joins have underarm sleeve cuff and over to the strip, called "Hoot syynchan" — a place of attraction of the human soul. In no case can not go to the charred and torn clothes. Can not sell their clothes, Khakases believe that by doing so you can sell your happiness.

Also, women are prohibited Khakas wear men's clothes, and even walk over it. The husband of this can become very ill. Nor twist cap, put it on the table and the more wear several hats. A button in the sale of clothing to rip off, as they are considered the guardians of old soul.

Author: Daria Kobets

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