Prisoner BPF Fedorov did not amnestied

He was sentenced to five years in prison Shklovskaya head office BPF Alexander Fedorov does not come under the amnesty. January 25, he is serving his sentence in a penal colony Shklovskaya open number 49.

To transfer to the "chemistry" Alexander Fedorov and a half years, was held in Mogilev colony number 15. During his imprisonment, he had no disciplinary punishment, and hope for release under an amnesty.

The official explanation says that the articles for which sentenced Alexander Fedorov — corruption and do not fall under the amnesty. The very same prisoner activist says he will not come under the amnesty for political reasons:

"I'm just saying, if I had not been politically active for a long time I did not then I would have been at home, and I have not even tried. Before so-called I needed to serve a parole until September 17. I have already hinted that, given my beenefavskae past and present, parole can not see me. I'll sit here until the end. "

Alexander Fedorov left to serve a minimum of two years. In "Chemistry" it works in a construction company for twelve hours to one week in the output. The administration of the special settlement is not allowed to depart Fedorov remainder of punishment at his residence in Shklou:

They are afraid that I will be involved in political activities …

"Although there are precedents. We have some of the local people living in the family home. For all the time conclusions on the zone and the "chemistry" I do not not what offenses, and even comments. They are afraid that I will be involved in political activities, a fortiori on the eve of the presidential election. "

Says Fedorov, a special settlement NO human conditions to serve their sentences. One hundred and fifty prisoners — only four places in the toilet and wash five. Little room for cooking with two hotplates. Little yadalnya. His translation of the zone on the "chemistry" Alexander Fedorov calls forced affection of the state:

"All areas are overcrowded. There are no beds in two tiers, and three. Standing in the bed," Lenin's rooms. "Physically the state is forced to do so often amnesty, because there's nowhere to sit."

Alexander Fedorov arrested June 14, 2007. April 1, 2008 Shklovsky district court sentenced him to five years' imprisonment in a penal colony. He was found guilty of abuse of power, misappropriation of state property and causing damage to the state in the amount of eighteen million rubles. Guilt Fedorov does not recognize. Even from prison, he wrote the complaint, which proved his innocence.

Alexander Fedorov — an active participant in the election campaigns. In 2001, during the presidential elections, he was arrested by order of the District Attorney.

Pending the conclusion of Alexander Fedorov led three boiler in Shklou. Two of them were the central and considered exemplary. They warmed important public facilities — executive committee, the prosecutor's office of the school. Identified during the investigation of violation Fedorov argued that the boiler is not enough funded and he was forced to look for opportunities to support them in working order.



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