Prisons are preparing for the release of amnestied

The amnesty law in connection with the 65th anniversary of Victory entered into force. According to the agency "Interfax", the penitentiary system began preparing for the release of certain categories of prisoners.

The Department of Corrections Interior Ministry explained: after the law came into force is expected to order the head of the Interior Ministry, then in prison administrative committee will be formed, which decide the release of prisoners. Soon will be formed lists of those who fall on its face under the current amnesty.

Minister Interior Anatoly Kuleshov said the amnesty is "a vivid anti-corruption." On He said, expanded the list of persons who have committed crimes of corruption, which are not covered by the amnesty.

According to preliminary calculations, the amnesty of Corrections closed may be released in 2230, of establishments open — 900. Also for 9300 convicted the sentence will be reduced. There are currently serving a sentence of about fifty thousands of people.


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