Psychics do see through people




The world's first congress of the people-the "x" held "Komsomolskaya Pravda" on July 10 in Moscow's Central House of Scientists, confirmed: supernatural abilities — not a myth

Natural selection phenomena

Such a rush we did not expect. At the congress came more than a hundred people, the "x" from Russia and the CIS countries. In their phenomenal gift of many doubted or even considered quackery. And yet look at the oldtimers came even hardened skeptics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Health of Russia. Room for six people was full. The aisles were crowded with journalists from all over the television and newspapers. And the gates of the House of Scientists lunging crowd just wanting to join the miracles, the demonstration of which is expected by the end of the day.

The Selection Committee, consisting of candidates and doctors of medical sciences, began to work ahead of time — out of hundreds who considered himself rarity, it is to weed out exactly half. It seems that these people are in fact proved by charlatans. Their diagnoses are not in line with the results of ultrasound and information patient records. A qualifying round and lay just to compare the objective and the "sense" data. Next, from those who are at least somewhat got to the point, the commission chose the ten most accurate "X". The remaining finalists got more serious task: to determine abnormalities in ten patients with "surprises". We specially stocked by such volunteers: some heart and liver were located a mirror, while others were in the body or the metal parts were missing some bodies after surgery.

Man-"X-ray" reads. As a result, reached the final three. They listed all the pitfalls as if by some rays shone patients. The experts had to admit that it can not be a coincidence. People with a unique gift, really do exist. Let them be little — only three out of a hundred. But they are contrary to the skeptics. And that, perhaps, the main result of our Congress.

"Hopeless" sick

People who are disappointed in the official medicine, it was a lot. They came to us with the Congress last hope. Many of them chose to undergo treatment at the healers who have not been to the finals of our competition, having decided that the ability to "defective" simply did not see. It is possible that such a thing could be. After all, the surgeon can perform surgery on Tverskaya Street and psychic may find it difficult to focus on the patient, when he bombarded on all sides by journalists. The fate of the patients we will be sure to follow. And tell if they managed to get help from the delegates. For example, we trace the fate of the 25-year-old Oksana from Moscow, which has chronic cystitis.

— It would seem that the simplest methods of treatment had to help me, — says Oksana — but nothing helps. I walked all the possible expensive medical centers. It's useless. Your Congress — the next step in my theory is not difficult, but absolutely unfeasible treatment.

Anna P., 67 years old, who suffers from arthritis, tried to treat your feet physiotherapy and injections.

— Does not get better — she complains. — I came to you on the exit of the last hope. Fortunately, that told him about my distant cousin-healer. She came from Central Asia to Moscow just to take part in the competition of people-the "x". However, neither it nor the other practitioners of alternative medicine I had never addressed. Went here, as they say, for the company — what if we're lucky. Besides, judging from the conversations of people who came here for the diagnosis, many people with similar meetings with psychics have benefited.

2:1 in favor of women

First place went to Xenia Kosyreva from Beloretsk, Bashkortostan. Second — Mary Usoltseva of Krasnoyarsk. And the third — Sergei Lysechko of Podolsk.

— In 17 years, I have evil eye one woman who came to visit us, — says the winner Ksenia Kosyreva. — After this visit, I had a fever of about forty of chills and even become a throw on the bed. But then I began to see the internal organs.

The second finalist — Maria Usoltseva was happy only on what has been tested and met their "brothers" who have the same gift.

— Hard for the "x"? — We ask.

— For us and the patients — no. Heavy and sad that many doctors have kept for charlatans. And I really see all the people, as in the anatomical atlas.

Sergei Lysechko — the third finalist of our competition.

— Sergey, how you can make a diagnosis without equipment?

— I talked to a decade healer from Ukraine, Aunt Marusya. She taught me to "see" the internal organs of the patient's illness and even start talking.

— If you are able, then why come to our Congress?

— In order to exchange experiences.

Healers who have been unlucky

Many of the people-the "x" in the finals have not been for a very simple reason: they can focus on the patient — worried. But to them after the Congress queues of patients.

The healer Grigory Tyurin:

— I decided to participate in a contest to test your abilities. For example, I can not cure epilepsy in one or two sessions and five minutes to normalize blood pressure. Now I have psychic as a hobby, because I work in a factory. Here I retire,'ll practice seriously.

Scientists are trying to figure out what's going on in the brain phenomena. Psychic Zoe Mammadov from Ulan-Ude

— The experts did not allow me to contest, but this is a mistake. Come with me — she said and pulled me to a distant adjoining. There picked up my hand, and then began a charm. Absolutely not seeing it before me, the woman began to tell my past in such detail that I was already very excited. No one could know about me and my family all these little things.

Psychic Alexander Novikov:

— Your congress I was interested to chat with the same people, just like me. Something I can tell them something they told me. For example, none of the official doctors can not explain why there is a cataract. And I can not — this is the protective function of the body: cataract protects the retina from light burns.

And what about the scientists?

The Director of the Federal Research Center of the traditional methods of treatment Ministry of Health of Russia Alexei Karpeev believes that such phenomena congresses should be conducted every year.

— The Congress people with extraordinary abilities is unique — says Karpeev. — Russian Academy of Sciences is now contemplating the regulation of non-traditional methods of treatment. Thus, slowly and with difficulty, but we, the official medics are trying to deploy a negative opinion of the "big academics" in the opposite direction: to recognize extraordinary abilities healers. However, try to find a scientific explanation for oldtimers impossible today — these devices do not.

Olga Kaekina, PhD, lead researcher of the Federal Scientific Clinical Center of expert traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment:

— During the congress, I conducted experiments. Seclude themselves with the people, the "x" in the office and check the status of their brain with the help of special equipment diagnosing. The result is stunning: psychics, brain activity was higher than in the general population.

PhD, surgeon Lyudmila Ivanova:

— My experience is that you can not completely discount the existence of paranormal abilities in humans. The fact that the medicine takes everything not included in the scope of science in arms, talking only to harm people. It is necessary to psychics and physicians to work together, then the country will be more healthy.

And summed up the Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of biomedical devices RAS Vladimir Cherny:

— The most unique instrument that created nature — it's people. He shows his abilities where classical science is powerless to explain. We just stand on the threshold of discoveries of organic nature. After all, even the brain has not yet been studied. And to explain the science of extrasensory perception is only halfway through.


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