Pyramid — visitors from outer space?

Giant UFO pyramid over the Kremlin

In December 2009, in the skies over Moscow Kremlin hung a giant UFO pyramid … Each of his face was about a mile. He was in the air for several hours, witnesses and even managed to take it off. Military space experts have not been able to explain what it was. Exactly a year later the same pyramid observed in China. 3 months later a similar object fixed cameras over South America, and then — in England, France, Spain and Japan …

The first mention of an aircraft in the form of pyramids found in the chronicles of the ancient Sumerians. This civilization lived six thousand years ago in what is now Iraq. Sumerian gods flew on pyramidal ships into space. Younger gods of the Sumerians called Anunnaki, supreme — Nifer. Says that they came from the planet Nibiru …

In the biography of the ruler of the Sumerian Gilgamesh is mentioned — he was also a 2/3 god, 1/3 — person. The ancient texts say that Anunaki with people in the world have built the first "ziggurat" — stepped pyramids in ancient Egypt … also worshiped stone Ben-Ben, a pyramid-shaped …

Modern Moscow — city living in a crazy rhythm. A power to create a building in the shape of pyramids. After World War II architects Dmitry Chechulin and Alexei Shchusev had to be built in Moscow on 7 giant homes pyramids, the capital of the Soviet empire needed a new magical power. Construction of the "Stalin skyscrapers" completed in record time. 7 ziggurats — step pyramids — were erected on the site of the ancient Slavic temples. They were placed on sacred ground. Crown this architectural ensemble was preparing a huge step pyramid — the Palace of the Soviets — rotating statue of Lenin at the top would generate some force fields. Soviet leaders believed in the mystical power of ancient knowledge, and built the two-way radio to influence the masses of people. Thank God — did not happen …




If the pyramid is built correctly — from the point of view of the geometry, and it is set to the "right" place — in terms of geology and energy flows, which radiate our planet, and that is capable of amplifying the pyramid, the person who is in the pyramid, a very interesting and very unusual opportunities.

After the October Revolution in Russia, came to power people, among whom were followers of a secret occult order. Led this brotherhood mystic Gurdjieff. His best pupils — Blavatsky, Assumption, Mikoyan and Stalin. In the interior, and the Soviet power, and even a closed organization, as there Cheka occult and mystical circles (like Masonic lodges), one of which was led Gleb Buky — Deputy of the Dzerzhinsky …

Immediately after the death of Lenin in the heart of Moscow, built a pyramid — a mausoleum. First it was wooden, stone version made years later. Architect Shchusev owned, by the way, to the secret societies, made a mausoleum for example Sumerian ziggurat step. Brotherhood knew pyramid will keep the spirit of the leader, and give him immortality. For the same set up and the magic spell: "Lenin — lived, Lenin — lives, Lenin will live." That is what allows the mummies still remain — and it's not that physically — namely spiritually.

Remark of the Cardinal: So will Mother Russia to live, how to live in the last historical period — every day more complex and confusing. And it will continue as long as the right to the heart of Russia — Red Square — is a stone-burial ground, and even in the form of a magical pyramid, and even a mummy or destroyer of millions of innocent people … Let's remove the mausoleum — will occur in China, the economic explosion. And then we can "catch up and overtake America." Because the Chinese have been able to catch up? Right, because they do not have a heart of stone …

Science has only come to the riddle of how the geometry of objects affects the space. Answers gave the concept of torsion fields. This is a branch of physics in Russia is considered a "non-academic", and in the world — a secret. Torsion fields — is vortices ultrafine particles, they discovered by examining the vacuum.

Pyramid polarizes around space in torsion fields, and inside the pyramid are left torsion fields, and over the top of it — right. Here they are then, the right and left torsion fields, and act on objects, including — and alive. And — in different ways.

Everything in the universe is in the form of a vortex — galaxy for example, or the eye of the typhoon. DNA has the right positive torsion field. It is no accident spiral spun counterclockwise — a symbol of life in many ancient cultures. From the vacuum can extract infinite energy, and based on it — to create a fundamentally new engines. Transfer Vehicle, which uses rotating vortices — a breakthrough in aviation and space …

The most famous pyramids of the Earth — the Egyptian complex at Giza: the Great Pyramid of Cheops, the second — Chephren, and the third — Menkaure. As written in the Egyptian "Book of the Dead," all the pyramids of Egypt — a reflection of the heavenly Duat, the kingdom of the god Osiris. And the pyramid is really — there are in the sky, the planet Mars …
Geologist Vladimir Avinsky more than 20 years exploring the Martian surface pictures — Already he is able to distinguish natural features of the buildings. Here is what he says:

"The pyramids on Mars. And this — the ruins, fragments of some ancient Martian civilization. Pyramids of Mars Cydonia region similar to Earth, Egyptian Giza. But the size of them — just astonishing. Height — 500 m., Base length — 2 km. They are five times more Egyptian! Best known for more than 10 such facilities of different forms: normal, step, with curved edges, five-and hexagonal. And they, of course, much older than the earth. Perhaps the Martian pyramids — is the "original version" of buildings, and we have — much smaller versions.

Next to the complex is a famous Martian pyramids Sphinx — a mysterious person in size and a half miles. In another part of the planet, astronomers looked at the pictures ruins, like the ruins of the Peruvian city of the ancient Incas. Such a kind of "oblique" neighborhoods linear order — their so called "Inko-city" — "the city of the Incas" on Mars.

All these objects are clearly not able to create nature. Geologists are still scratching their heads about the buildings, known as "Martian glass worms." This — tubular tunnels hundreds of meters in diameter. They dive deep into the "red planet", bent under the landscape dock at perfect right angles. And all this "extraterrestrial reality" carefully "overwritten" by our governments — do not allow profitable extraterrestrial reality is that in our lives — even in our minds. Then after all have a fresh look at the world, if there was a civilization on Mars, and died — and we mean like waiting? But we are the hands we destroy our planet, because who has not heard about the greenhouse effect of burning us hydrocarbons — oil and coal … "

In Egypt, a lot of the pyramids, and they survived better than others on this planet. Chronicles tell: every great pharaohs built for themselves an individual building. Indicates that this is usually done in order to communicate with the gods, or to the spirit of the king stayed in the pyramid. None of the ancient Egyptian king was not going to be buried in it. To do this, there was City of the Dead — underground tomb on the west bank of the Nile. With careful study revealed that the Egyptian pyramids — very different. At the base of some buildings are perfectly polished multi-ton blocks — on top of them piled stones rough treatment with the characters of a later period. Can clearly distinguish the pyramids, which were built much older, probably prior to our civilization — about 10-12 thousand years ago. And there is that built for Pharaoh. Completely different technologies, different approaches to the construction — and keep the result is different. There are pyramids at the bottom — the product of an ancient civilization, and the top — Pharaoh's something to finish building, a kind of "remakes" tycoons. Moreover, the fact that the more ancient — and keep it much better …


Artist Nikas Safronov their own experience felt the power of these ancient structures. At that time he was in Egypt at the invitation of the authorities. The privileges guest of honor, Nikas asked to take him to one of the closed to tourists Giza pyramids … and just did not stay there forever. Here is what he says:

"Those responsible for this event is likely to screw it up somehow: I brought a pedestrian, and take some time had the other — but he was unwell. And I was simply forgotten in the pyramid. And had to literally take 3-4 hours … "

It is incomprehensible that the artist could not find a way out of the maze of the pyramid — the black corridors diverged, ended in deadlock, or will return to the back. Charter, Nikas lay down and fell asleep … He woke up from the unknown noise: the room where he was — lit up with lights. In the center stood a sarcophagus, and in it lay a living man. Others around him cast spells. And the walls were crawling strange shadows people with animal heads.

"I saw a move some sphinxes, and there are some sound, ritual initiation of a student apparently being the" dedicated "to the College of Priests. It was all very mysterious and, one might say — not really. But in this case — it all took place around me, and well, very realistic — right down to the smell of incense. Around me, Mezhuyev me and this, I would say, the parallel world was an invisible protection — something like the dome of quivering slightly in the haze of the glass … "

Ancient ceremony struck Nikas Safronov. For a while he stops to watch the scene, but in my heart growing uncertainty anxiety. Finally the artist clearly felt: it's time to come back.

"… There was no fear, no sense of a danger — that I was waiting for something terrible. In the beginning, when I first got into this vision — I had a little this, a light "jim-jams." But then somehow everything had settled down and was going to be perceived as a kind of holographic image with sound that moves around you — like a living, but at the same time — as I said — how to shut off some glass. I'm a little scared "for his attic" — I do not demolish it? And he began to slowly realize that something ought to go from here — once again try to … "

As soon as he thought of his return — in the corner he heard a slight rustling and scratching. Something was chosen closer. He dimly discerned in the shadows a little bright spot. It was a little kitten — and quite real. When Nikas picked him up — a picture of life in ancient Egypt was to dissolve, fade and disappear completely. Artist kitten down on the floor and went after him.

"… He — stayed, and I — stayed. He sat there — and I was sitting. Then he went — and I followed. In the end, I saw a ray of light — I took the cat in his arms and went to the light, I saw a lot of people, very scared, worried about my destiny … "

Nikas took the cat with him to Moscow — as a mascot. Today, Don Sphynx — the name of this breed — the artist lives in the office. Tailed expert on labyrinths terribly picky, picky eating. Therefore, nicknamed "Yummy." On his return, inspired by the Egyptian wizard created a series of paintings. But to portray her cat Nikas Safronov principle is not taken.

"… It is not necessary that he was portrayed — I can feel it! I have a strong feeling that something good is sure to leave out of my life with this picture … "


Andrey Sklyarov with a group of fellow scientists for many years studying the ancient megalithic structures. He builds his conclusions by analyzing the way to finish and construction. The researchers found thousands of artifacts that indicate that such monuments could raise people with primitive technologies — all that was available only advanced civilization. For example, it is unclear what tools carved multi-ton stone blocks for the pyramids and temples. It is — it is impossible to do as we are told, archaeologists, copper chisel and wooden rods. There are some findings that are, shall we say, put researchers in absolute standstill. The closest analogy that just asks for language: the stone was treated when it was soft.

Stone for the pyramids of Giza were caught in Aswan quarries. In the photo you can see the strange grooves of excavated rock:

None of the existing systems and even modern technology does not allow to granite in that way. This is — the unknown wave effect on the crystal lattice of the substance. Traces — very strange, creates a lasting impression that the stone was actually softened — and its just like a big spoon is removed from the monolith of granite rock.


Christopher Daniel — Engineer American space agency NASA — 20 years of exploring the pyramids. He believes that crept close to the solution — they are still under construction. Dan studied the technology of production of the sarcophagus in the Great Pyramid. Judging by the tracks that are left on the inner surface, the Egyptians drilled holes for joining the parts. And drilling speed they should be about half a centimeter per second. And we are talking about granite! However, the best modern equipment can drill holes in granite at a rate — 10 times less! There is only one way to repeat what we did ancient architects — is drilled with ultrasound. It seems that the technology already had 4000 years ago. Christopher Dan for a long time could not decide to publish their results — because it would be able to find a just crazy — too much, these results were inconsistent with the modern historical chronology.

Another question which occupied Christopher Dana — how the Egyptians raised multi-ton blocks to a height of several hundred meters and set them up to a tenth of a millimeter? With experiences in leading laboratories, he proved that was used in the construction of an acoustic or electromagnetic levitation. Here is what he Christopher Daniel:

"… It seems to me — it is impossible, unless the stone is easier to do, to reduce the impact on him of gravity. This can be done 2 ways. Once the ancient builders possessed the use of ultrasound technology, they knew that ultrasound does the structure of matter. Similarly, know that between the emitter and reflector of sound, a wave in which the subject is losing its weight. Another question — what were the emitters are and where they go. But the fact that they have been used — I'm pretty sure … "

With whom to communicate, people who lived in the age of the pyramids?Physicist Andrei Verzhbitsky realized why the pyramids were built — when I saw a detailed outline of the pyramid of Cheops. Almost as drawing looks modern satellite dishes. Calculations confirmed that the ancient pyramids — a complex interplanetary communication system. The modern high-technology and ancient pyramid technique — structurally identical. But as the antenna is arranged pyramid even more wisely than a satellite dish: pyramidal antenna works with the earth's magnetic field. This is especially important for long-distance communications. Focus is inside and coincides with the location in the "burial" chamber, where there is a granite sarcophagus. In the pyramid of Cheops — 3 camera: top — running long distances, the average — to an even more distant, lower — at intergalactic distances. Of the Great Pyramid of Cheops could talk even to Mars, even with the constellation Orion …

And because someone raised on the planet single communications system! Basically, Earth pyramids are located along the Tropic of Cancer — 30 ° north latitude. And it can not be a coincidence — just a step at 18 °. During rotation of the planet, the pyramid as it is awarded to each other "baton" continuous reception of kosmosa.Uchenye not yet figured out how to send a message through the pyramids of humanity to our elder brothers in mind. But some of them are quite sure that the antenna — the pyramid — are still working "on the device." Just on Earth for a long time no one expects a session …

In all likelihood, the pyramid can take and video — perhaps repeated meetings with strange creatures in the pyramids — is holographic message from distant worlds. With whom to communicate, people who lived in the age of the pyramids?

So who is still in space to communicate with people who lived in the age of the pyramids, and who were able to use these ideal antenna? It is logical to assume that the opposite end of the link, too, had to be pyramidal antenna. Pictures show — the pyramid is on the Moon and Mars. In addition, the output shafts of the pyramid of Cheops accurately directed to the constellation of Orion, Sirius, Big and Small bear. Who were the gods, according to ancient myths come up from the heavens?

Gods of our ancestors called representatives of advanced civilizations. And they lived — side by side, and not just co-exist — they interacted. If again we turn to the Sumerian mythology (which I have already mentioned in the first paragraph, and which covers in detail the earliest stages of the cooperation of people with aliens), the Earth was not the whole alien civilization. There was only a relatively small group of "political refugees", which at home to stage a coup — first came to power, and was later overthrown. So they ran away … to our planet.

According to the Sumerian clay tablets, man was created by the gods for the work. These texts struck modern genetics: it is described in detail the emergence of the human species. Enki, the god of the gods put the DNA into the egg of African apes. So there was a man. And the old man Darwin — did not read the Sumerian clay tablets, so in his theory of the evolution of man as the hole … In fact — we are a hybrid. How the appearance of a person described in the Sumerian texts, is very strong parallels with modern genetic engineering, with what we now call genetic modification.

HyperboreaAware of the 2-advanced civilizations of antiquity. This — Atlantis and Hyperborea. According to medieval maps, Atlantis was located on several islands in the Atlantic Ocean. A Hyperborea — a continent, which in antiquity was at the North Pole. A large part of the continent sank as a result of planetary catastrophe. Rather, it was a great flood, which began after the fall of a huge asteroid 13 664 years ago. Chronicles describe Hyperborea as the island of immortals, where is always summer, and happiness. At its center was a huge pyramid of Meru — home on the planet. It was called the axis of the world. All the pyramids on Earth also oriented to it.

In ancient Egypt, for the pyramid was his word and sound — Meru. In China, for the pyramid has its own word: Ching-ji-ta, which is composed of three characters. This kanji "gold", "symbol", "tower" — get the literal translation "tower with golden symbols."

In all Eastern religions Meru — the center of the universe. Each Buddhist or Hindu monastery has its model — a round stepped pyramid with a strange device on top. Indian legends tell: on top of the Gods prepared the drink of immortality, whipping up waves of the ocean energy.

When Hyperborea went under water — its inhabitants moved to the mainland Eurasia and formed new civilizations. In the sacred books called Hyperborea homeland of the Aryans. The real Aryans considered themselves ideologues of Nazi Germany. The Germans believed that the heritage of Hyperborea, the powerful technology of alien colonizers. Construction of the occult "buildings" Nazi elite was asked Otto wound and Heinrich Wirth. These were the two serious enough mystic who created in 1935. Company "Ahnenerbe" (literally — "Ancestral Heritage"), and they have built into Nazi doctrine of the "blond beast," of arias, which should rule the world. Now almost never said, almost forgotten: a Aryans they meant Germans and Slavs. Agents of the Ahnenerbe sought Hyperborea and the Russian north. Before the Second World War turned secret intelligence: in the occult section of the Cheka were well aware that the Germans are looking for. And would first acquire knowledge of ancient civilization.

The circle of "initiation" includes, for example, professors Barchenko and Assumption, which heavily involved mystical studies on the Kola Peninsula, in the Solovki and in the polar Urals. There is evidence that the study of our North team occult department of the Cheka were very intense. The so-called "battle of Shambala" — also applies to this confrontation with the Germans. Now it is no secret that the famous Roerich also an agent of the Cheka. So he deliberately led off the German intelligence there, deep in Tibet, away from the Russian North …

Part of the high-tech yet was the Germans. Historian Sergei Trifonov spent many years unraveling the mysteries of the pyramids of Konigsberg. Mysterious construction — reduced 100-fold copy of the Egyptian pyramid of Cheops. Confirmed — it is a monument to German soldiers who died in the First World War. And erect its architects Germany when Königsberg was the center of Eastern Prussia. Pyramid has a non-random parameters: 13 storeys, 666 units. You do not do these numbers mean?

Historian Sergei TrifonovWhy 666 units? Because, although the pyramid was built in 1923, but under it — laid a capsule with some values. And the capsule was laid was in 1921., Just when Konigsberg celebrated 666 years. But 666 — the notorious "number of the beast" … And in the self-respecting hotel — does not offer under the number 13, and even floors under the number 13 … That is, these figures — apparently magical. And then — all the mystic …

In August 1914, under the city came together three armies, two Russian and one — the German. Tsarist general Rennenkampf — quite successful and respected soldier — was about to take unprotected properly Prussian Konigsberg. Then suddenly, without explanation, leaving the command and forget about honor and oath, shamefully fled from the front. According to historian Sergei Trifonov, it was subject to some kind of hypnotic, mystical effect. He's just something very frightened. So frightened that he left the army and spat on a successful career. It was a tragedy. The tragedy of the individual, and the beginning of the tragedy of the whole state.

After fleeing the Germans attacked Rennenkampf second Russian army — General Samsonov. The forces were now not equal. 135 thousand Russian soldiers were killed at Konigsberg … 113 000 were taken prisoner … Rennenkampf imprisoned. But after the revolution, he was found and shot for treason Russian KGB agents (by the way — it happened here, in Taganrog). Konigsberg pyramid erected in the center of the square, where the German troops marched. Around — the barracks and training ground for her place chose Hans Kshur — later known magician and soothsayer in Nazi Germany. Pyramid Konigsberg, in fact — the monument to the first successful use of psychotronic weapons in war, or — unknown magic. Later, around the pyramid is by secret nocturnal rites — SS-paced sheep savvy to the rumble of boots, with lighted torches in the night …

When the city went to the Soviet Union — the new government ordered to blow up the pyramid. But this order was not carried out. There was only beheaded figure bas-German soldier … Chief of the military unit, which was stationed at the time in the city, he ordered only damage a monument — to repel the soldier's head in relief. A pyramid itself he did not dare touch it, he was not afraid of the opinions of local Germans, he was not afraid to anger their superiors — much stronger than he was afraid of the pyramid, its mystical properties …


But let us return once more to the Sumerians. Chronicles of the Sumerian king Gilgamesh, who lived five thousand years ago, recognized the description of real events. However, these descriptions are very inconvenient to raise questions of science.

Once Gilgamesh, by birth — a demigod-poluchelovek, wondered if he was immortal? His ancestors, known as the Anunnaki from the planet Nibiru, live forever. Sumerian ruler went to ask them about their fate. The Anunnaki on Earth lived on the remote island of Dilmun, the preferred architecture — pyramids, people were not allowed to itself — with a few exceptions. For example, the honor to live on the island of immortals honored ancestor of Gilgamesh, Utnapishtim — for many thousands of years before Gilgamesh built the ark and survived a flood. (That's where, it turns out, has its origin Biblical legend of Noah and his ark!) … Gilgamesh Immortality is not extracted because it is only the gods could live forever, and poluchelovek — no longer exists. Perhaps they were able to stop the biological time …

Time anomalies are observed near Tibet Mount Kailash — the largest land-based pyramid on the planet. Gore actually has the shape of a regular pyramid. Each side of the pyramid (or as they say in Tibet — "every person" of the pyramid) is a Buddha-protector. "Every person" has its own unique color, its own power, and it is located — in a certain direction, focusing on the part of the world. And now — WARNING! Kailash height above sea level — 6666 meters. In it — all the same 13 storeys … Is not it — somewhere we have similar figures met? … Around Kailash pyramids are smaller. To the foot of the mountain attracts millions of pilgrims a variety of denominations. Quite extraordinary events always occur around this mountain and its surroundings — it all together, the whole area around Kailash — called M? Andal Kailash. It is believed that this — the projection of the infamous all Shambhala — the Earth. That is — a projection of the celestial country teachers on the planet.

Ancient manuscripts say, of Kailas directed into the ground is another, invisible pyramid — as a structure in the form of an octahedron. Passes through the stream of time: Kailash ring in compressed and empty time. Once in the rings, a person can immediately get old, or vice versa — to extend his life. There is a hypothesis that the lower (ground) of this octahedron — it collects from the planet "work out", so to speak, "lived" power. And gave it back to space. A top — takes a new — something that comes from the top of the Creator, the Creator — this information and the flow of energy and trapped Kailas. But these energy flows — so powerful that around Kailash naughty time (time past may at some point of time to pretend to be the future, and vice versa). It is believed that 1 time in 60 years, Kailash "wakes up."

Researcher and professional traveler Alexander Redko specially organized an expedition at this point. The researchers went to one of the seven secret valleys. It leads to a crack, cuts through the southern slope of Kailash half. Few managed to get there. Not to burn in the flow of time, the pilgrims have to work around the pyramid 13 times. And if you take their energy Kailash — Mount allow to approach closer. That is all that is necessary to truly believe — but there comes a resonance between you and this mysterious large object — Kailas. Only then it will give you what you want. If you closed — Kailash closed even more.

Tibetan lamas warned Russian: you pay a part of their lives for the entrance to the sacred place. Scientists are placed around the perimeter control chronometers and JPS-navigators and went. Alexander tells Redko:

"The expedition was a great challenge. It lasted about 24-26 hours — this is according to our wristwatch, and for the clock-chronometers, which we took with them and placed around the perimeter. And actually our biological time — well, showed rather — gave a real sense of a two-week campaign, because of the time limit vegetation grew on their faces, visibly grown nails … "

wristwatches and travelers on test hours have passed only day, and they felt immense fatigue and wear — if not eaten or slept two weeks.

"… And just feeling tired, feeling of lived" and suddenly much "feeling of being swiftness, which occurred at the time — were all out of our group, and practically — the same. We have all been squeezed like a lemon in the 24 hours, and in fact in the group — very seriously prepared for any extreme people. When we went down — a few hours we could not even breathe, or as a stand alone on all fours. But in this situation we have come to you … "(Alexander radish)

Buddhists believe: next to the pyramid of Kailash is Shambhala — the legendary home of the gods. In the picture below you can see two amazing mountains: Astapad and Nandi:

They look like giant sargofagi. Lama Gauvreau: this is Shamballa. There, according to the East, leaving all the prophets and teachers of humanity. There — representatives of past civilizations. They are thousands of years old in a "somatic". It is considered a compressed time, which supports the body in a state of self-preservation teachers certainly KILL ordinary mortal. In addition, the Shambhala guarded the ancient secret order — Shaberony. Its adherents hold secret knowledge of previous civilizations. But they have been slow to disclose.

"… Man is like God. He is like a God, not only in appearance. He is like a God and internally, it just hidden until those opportunities. But in addition — we still had a lot to lose — because of his laziness, I guess. Forgotten how to use them. In Tibet — many mortals still use them, they remember it — genetic memory they just manifest powerful, though it is at any one of us … "(Alexander radish)

There, in the Himalayas, close to the border of India and China have the mysterious "White Pyramid". First described it USAF pilot James Kausman. During one of his missions he flew over the "valley of death." One of the engines almost stalled — the fuel was freezing, and the pilot had to be reduced. Suddenly, right at the bottom of the crew saw a giant pyramid of white shiny material. At the top was a huge crystal. The plane could not land near the building, only three flew around. For half a century, no official data on the pyramid appeared. In the press got a couple of pictures of military satellites. Now, about the pyramid haunting mass of all the rumors, and who did not build it just: and aliens, and the Atlanteans and Lemurians … For what it was built? Maybe — it is a huge battery? Or — a beacon for UFOs? … Mass every guesses and theories winds around this White Pyramid …

White Pyramid is located almost on the same latitude as the pyramid of Cheops. But at 72 ° east (again — multiple 18 °, which I have already mentioned). Its location is well within the grid of geomagnetic energy channels of the Earth, which has long been known to scientists. But to get close to her was impossible. Chinese troops guard the White Pyramid, even from those of foreigners.

Maxim Yakovenko, historian, from Vladivostok, studied Chinese pyramids. In the vicinity of Xi'an is a huge complex of 300 buildings. It — dumping of Chinese emperors, because when that Xi'an was the capital of China — for as much as the 13th dynasties (again, this baker's dozen! Coincidence right?). China's rulers thought that by being put in the pyramid after death, they can be resurrected and live forever. Because it is so willed father of the Chinese people. Maksim Yakovenko

"… All the Chinese rulers of the past very much wanted to be like the legendary Yellow Emperor — obschekitayskoy founder of the nation, who came down from heaven in a fiery chariot, which gave the Chinese people writing, obschekitaysky language, the first laws and the general structure of life …"

Was particularly obsessed with the eternal reign of the first emperor Qin Shi Huang unified China — he has the biggest burial site in Xi'an, who guards the famous terracotta army. 8 thousand statues of soldiers — each with their own individual person and armor … According to legend, it is the army that you copied from the real subjects of the emperor, should serve him, and after death …

All the pyramids of the world — were oriented to each other, and at the same time — on the main pyramid of Meru, in Hyperborea. If we draw the vectors from the pyramids to the north (according to their orientation) — today they will point the way there. Let us mentally represent something: the first vector draw of Mount Kailash — a huge pyramid in Tibet. But this is not the vector indicates the current North Pole and 15 ° west. This — Greenland. Now — we need another vector — from the western hemisphere. Best preserved pyramids here — a complex of Teotihuacan in Mexico. The central road from the entrance to the main pyramid of the moon, called by the natives expensive "dead", shows nearly north 15 ° east of the pole. You probably guessed it: our two vectors converge in Greenland. Here it is — not the sunken part of Hyperborea! This confirms the card in 1595, Gerhard Mercator copied from more ancient sources. Take a look at the image below, so look Hyperborea entirely: ancient map superimposed on a modern, and you can see how well the shape of the current Greenland fit into this ancient map.

Scientists have already practically proved that a contact with an advanced civilization (with the-very! Highly advanced civilization — even our current, modern standards!) Began about 18,000 years ago. And the landing of an alien landing occurred on what was then the North Pole. That is, it is now — Greenland, because the pole for this time just shifted to those same 15 °, which were discussed above. And then it began "otsivilizatsiovyvanie" of our planet with you. Of course, at first — not the global, not universal. But it had begun …

Antennas for Deep Space Network, a portal to a parallel world, a means of biological control, the battery and the inverter of different kinds of energy, we often still unknown, even seismic stabilizer — all contained in a single-room structure — a pyramid shape. All uses of this building long ago described in the texts of ancient peoples. As well as those who taught the people to build the pyramids. Those who have brought us this knowledge — came not from some distant galaxy area. Those who came to Earth — they were the ones who lived in our solar system, still. Mars and Phaeton. At the time the solar system was a slightly different geometry and geography. That they passed us knowledge. All rudimentary civilization, who lived on the earth at that time — to communicate with a single source. That is why initially — knowledge was given one. And only then it was transformed and interpreted every culture on Earth — a little differently.

Any information relating to the pyramids, leads to questions about the origin of human civilization. This area of knowledge is denied by official science and hides the world's governments. Perhaps — though be unpleasant for most people. But always hide it — impossible. Left us a legacy architecture of the universe, of the pyramid is not only reminiscent of our past, but also can be a gateway to the future!

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