Pyramids in Bosnia

In 2005, the heart of Europe, near the capital city of Visoko in Bosnia were found four pyramids. At first they seemed to skeptics ordinary hills. When in Bosnia came the famous explorer Semir Osmanagich Hispanic pyramids — he immediately drew attention to their pyramidal shape and started to dig. And it all started?.

.During the Balkans conflict locals noticed that the explosions of shells mountain buzzing so, like it was hollow inside. At home, the locals were decorated with tiles made with neatly ornamented. Shingles that locals found in high quantities at the foot of the mountains. Started digging and found something that — struck the imagination. Finds fell one after another. Now there is no doubt that under the ground cover hiding the real pyramid. Pyramid 4: Earth, Moon, Dragon and Love. The highest pyramid has a height of 220 meters and 70 meters higher than the famous Great Pyramid of Giza. This step pyramid. Inside of the earth, and the outside coated with baked clay roof tiles and some old concrete structure is very different from the modern. Around the pyramids lined paths of carefully matched clay tiles. In the vicinity of the pyramid was found a number of large stone balls, as in Malta in Costa Rica. Balls are an ideal form, it is difficult to imagine that they could be cut primitive tools as we are told by historians. Pyramid buried under the soil, with a thickness of 40 cm to a meter and a half. This layer of the earth could be produced for 8-12 thousand years, or has been applied to the pyramid in a powerful flood in an instant. Who built them and exactly when — not known. The pyramids found an extensive system of tunnels and tunnels — a letter to decipher that as yet. Excavations have just begun, but the place is open for tourists and even had time to visit many of the ambassadors of the world powers.

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