Quantum physics and Buddhism

April 17, 2012 18:30

Between the Buddhist view of reality and how it is understood by modern science, we can find a lot in common. These ideas do not belong exclusively to Buddhism can be found in the most ancient Eastern philosophies. But Buddhism is surprisingly harmonious echoes the scientific discoveries of the last century. To illustrate this idea, we first consider the three main concepts of Buddhism emptiness, interdependence and the nature of reality, and their counterparts in the modern scientific thought.
We will assume that the two seemingly mutually exclusive models of perception non-materialistic and materialistic, intuitive and rational, spiritual and scientific — is none other than the two ways of understanding reality, two sides of the same coin. While watching this video it is important not to forget that there is a huge difference between the way we perceive reality and what it actually is.

Author: Gerald Penilla (Gerald Penilla)
Translation and dubbing Natalia Inozemtseva and Maxim Brezhestovsky

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