Quay Massalitinova Voronezh opened to traffic

During bypass the regional governor Alexei Gordeev and the head of Voronezh Sergey Koliuh monitored the opening of the labor movement on the waterfront.

 Photo source:parere.ru

The governor said that the road work completed. "The questions are not related to the work of the builders — landscaping of the adjacent territory. On the aesthetic design of the embankment is given 3-4 days. The Mayor of personal control that object. I have no doubt that everything will be completed in time, "- said Alexey Gordeev.

Sergei Koliuh, in turn, said that now is the active phase of improvement: importation of black earth, landing lawns, setting uniform fences, etc. "We also have equipped two pier, which for many years has been completely abandoned. I hope that the embankment will be one of the favorite holiday destinations of Voronezh ", — said the head of Voronezh.

Until September 10 to complete all planned improvement works. The same day, the official opening of the waterfront Massalitinova.

For the record: The length of the waterfront — 2,995 km. Movement — quad (two in each direction). Road width — 14 m, paving portion of the reservoir — 3 m Quay Massalitinova link all three of the Voronezh bridge and significantly relieve traffic on main thoroughfares: Revolution Avenue, the streets of Kirov, Lenin, Friedrich Engels.

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