Racing tension in Ryazan suddenly left the residents of flats without appliances

Residents of high-rise buildings in Ryazan suddenly left without appliances.

Racing stress out of action kettles, refrigerators, irons and TVs. The list of victims — dozens of names. Now these people do not know whom to present a bill for the lost property. And they say it's good that there were no casualties. 380 volts can even kill anyone!

Report correspondent of Channel Ian Resurrection.

At one point in the house went off televisions and washing machines froze. Energy collapse in one building — happened on a weekend when many residents were in cottages. Returning they learned — the benefits of civilization is no longer seen.

Those who were at home remember — it lasted a few seconds. There was a buzz. 380 volts — can be heard and seen.

This voltage can sustain except electric. More delicate technique on 380 volts was not designed for. Residents of hundreds of apartments — without waiting for compensation are already in the studio — all the things to which so accustomed to.

In such cases, to find the perpetrators — to determine where there was a breakthrough, if inside the house — will meet the housing office if outside — urban energy. But this accident happened on the border areas of responsibility — in this panel, which receives electricity.

Now the two companies — control and power — to shift the blame on each other. And tenants and can not understand — who return the money for the repairs. Specialists city services talk to them on his own, unknown language.

From this, the tenants did one conclusion — salvaged vehicles, better yet not include. Afraid: the voltage will jump again — and they say it could be worse.

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