Radio 101.2 would have turned 15 years old

First airing only private Belarusian-language radio station "Radio 101.2" was held on 21 July 1995.

Radio 101.2 positioned itself as the "City Channel", as the power of the transmitter in the center of Minsk (Communist Street), missing only the capital and a few tens of kilometers around it.

Radio music policy is largely determined by personal taste and top sound designers. The only rule, which was introduced from the beginning — a principled rejection of the Russian-language songs on the air.

Ether and original programs were conducted only in Belarusian. "It was absolute proof that the Belarusian language does not cause harm, but on the contrary — it helps. We do once helped to position itself as opposed to the Russian-speaking stations, "- explained in an interview with Managing Director Dmitry Bondarenko.

At the beginning of the "backbone" radyevyadovtsav 101.2 recent staff were closed by the authorities station "Belarusian youth", as well as other editions of public radio, who were dissatisfied with the local work: PKuropatkina pipe, Gennady Kesner, Sergey Akhramovich, Sergey Labandievski, Inna Studinskaya, Ales Dayneko, Dmitry Lukashuk, Alexander Khmelnitsky, Olga Babak.

Later joined by 101.2 Olga Karatkevich, Yuri Bushlyakov, Olga Gordeychik, Severin Kwiatkowski, Jeanne Rodionova, Martin Latetski, Ivan Byalovski, Tatiana Shuntava, Paul Korenevsky.

With the sound on the radio worked Dmitry Novikov, Vladimir Sakulski, Anatoly dojo Dmitry Cornflower, Ales Veras, Sergey Labandievski, Ales Lyashkevich.

In the summer of 1996, the radio came on samaakupnasts. "On the advertising market, we took the lead just before closing. We give truthful information and advertising blocks around our newsletter to be effective. Our newscasts on sociological research, listened to eighty percent of all FM-listeners", — stressed Dmitry Bondarenko.

August 30, 1996 around 17:30 in the evening edition of Radio 101.2 received by fax paper from the Ministry of Communications, signed by the head BelGIE (state inspection for telecommunication) Nikonov: "In order to prevent interference to the receiving channel of the CA RTS" Altai ", operate the transmitter on the frequency 101.2 MHz (…), the stop with 9.1.96 "

Alexander Lukashenko September 21, 1996 at the national Youth Forum, in response to a given question from the audience about the reasons for closing the radio station, said the following: "Neither 101.2 nor other anti-state policy at the government rate for public money will not be allowed to … A Soros' money and we have enough other crap and so on state radio and television … "reminds Belarusian Association of Journalists.

Dmitry Novikov of the reasons for the closure of "Radio 101.2": "Our society is paralyzed by the Soviet complexes and stereotypes. First of all: Belarus — Russian worse. We broke the stereotype … Therefore, we have closed and, as frightened of — independence in their heads. "


Radio 101.2

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