Rage generous

Noble fury

The attack on Russia in the day of All Saints Resplendent in the Russian land bylo not so much a call to "fate" as the calculation of sophisticated magic. Hitler was fully confident that our homeland was lost back in their post-revolutionary years and is now a vast expanse — Distinguished Production of strongest, there is neither the power nor the will nor the holiness …

Great to know Russian — true. But not enough

Otto von Bismarck warn the Germans of war with Russia. Adolf Hitler disobeyed, argued thus: "Fate Decrees of us the finger. Having given into the hands of Russian Bolshevism, the fate of the deprived people of the Russian intelligentsia, which so far kept its existence as a state, and which alone is a guarantee of a certain strength of the country. No municipal talents Slavs gave strength and power to Russian state. For centuries, our homeland was living at the expense of the German concrete core in its upper layers of the population. Now it is the core of slaughtered one hundred percent to the end. Place the Germans occupied the Jews … This cyclopean Eastern government inevitably doomed to death. By this all the prerequisites already matured. The end of the Jewish domination in Russia will also be the end of Russia as a country. Predestined us to be a witness of such a catastrophe that is better than anything else, certainly confirms the correctness of our race theory. "
"Fate" is not confirmed. And more than the person to whom it was given to build — see: Russian Alliance in a severe, deadly scary moment myself suddenly transformed, as if turned to that seemed to have murdered Russian historical, magical Holy Russia …

So it was. This can happen in the future.
It may happen before our eyes — the real one.

Bismarck knew the Russian language. As a Prussian envoy, a couple of years living in Russia. His teacher he made them the future chancellor of Germany, called the Russian chancellor Gorchakov (schoolmate of Pushkin sent Bismarck thoughts in the right direction, so that's for sure — we Pushkin everywhere: truly our all.)

Alfred Rosenberg, the Nazi ideologist and in a sense, a teacher of Hitler knew the Russian language better Bismarck. He graduated from the institute in Moscow in 1918, and the reference seeing the beginning of a reddish terror, believed that as a Commissioner with a black revolver came to the destruction of the Russian Federation. The fact that Russia is taking its confessional way — and that of his ideas were not.

The People's Militia as spillage

The invasion of people said what, and before that was responsible — the militia. And as he did in Russia even before the reform of Princess Olga, it was the same and the next. The most memorable us militia — 1612 th and 1812's. 1941 of this series. Anyone who is willing to say that the militia in 1941 were recruited by force and in his first series were "children of the Arbat", he sinned against the truth. While the kids and their heroic Arbat word uttered.

Head of the department of history of the Municipal People's Militia Museum of Moscow defense candidate of historical sciences, VK Ivanov says: "Considering the formation of militia divisions, should, first, the brakes on the principle of voluntariness as the main principle and the important features of this process. In contrast to the formation of regular military units of the militia men are not recruited. In contrast, there were those who were not subject to appeal to the army, but sought to adopt a specific role in the armed struggle against the aggressor. And this voluntary manifested itself in the first days of the war … Within two hours after the radio VM Molotov reported on the treacherous attack of Nazi Germany on the Russian Alliance Rostokinskoro to the military district was filed 40 applications from volunteers. During the June 22 in Kiev RK VKP (b) of the Communists came above the 2 thousand applications. On the same day five thousand young men and women Timiryazevsky area have applied to send them to the front. Such examples are many. They show the true patriotism of the Russian people, a sense of personal responsibility for the fate of the country and their own hometown … "

And was a very principled response "from above". Meeting of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) on the night of July 2, 1941 speech on the radio and IV Stalin July 3 were decisive for the early formation of militia divisions.
But even before the Kremlin meetings have already started to form voluntary part. For example, Vitebsk battalion Osaviahima was formed on June 27. Which criteria for the formation of militia took place, the documents say. Here's a telegram head of a party functionary Ukraine July 5, 1941.

Top Secret

In Ukraine cooperated 657 assault battalions that have a 319 machine guns, 34 thousand rifles, 279 revolvers, 8 thousand different weapons, including hunting rifles. For the destroyer battalions secured 1,032 vehicles, thousands of bicycles 4, 2700 wagons, 6 thousand horses.

You can organize the militia in Kiev 50 thousand people, Kharkov — 50 thousand people, Odessa — 40 thousand people, Dnepropetrovsk — 40 thousand man, Stalin Region towns — 100 thousand people, towns Voroshilovgrad region — 80 thousand people, Dnipridzerzhinsk and Krivoy Rog — 15 thousand people.

No guns for the militia.
I ask for your guidance.
Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of Ukraine Khrushchev.

All of that ideology militia movement, which reads VKIvanov refers to the militia movement and the Ukraine, and Belarus. "These days are the same — says Ivanov — in all areas of Moscow on volunteer-destroyer battalions were created, entered into by 12,500 people. All this says that the pioneers of voluntary militia movement were Muscovites themselves. Award municipal, party and Russian authorities was that, realizing and appreciating the value of patriotic enthusiasm of the masses, they supported it, embodied in particular organizational forms. "

The thread for the Victory Banner

History of the Vitebsk People's Militia, which is one of the first to come into heavy fighting, so … History — heroic. Vitebsk rightfully could wear the title of Hero City.

The militia consisted of four battalions of about 2-thousand people. 70 percent of men — young people … when you say the "young people", referring to the militia, mean pre-draft age 17-18 years. Another 30 percent — age is neprizyvnoy, but up to 55 years. Of course, we know there have been exceptions and age.

Vitebsk militia, together with militia regiment took part in the heroic defense of Vitebsk July 8-11. Minsk has already fallen. 1st company battalion Pershamaiski area (AA commander Monks, commissioner Nagorno) in conjunction with the men 153rd Infantry Division detained area on the left bank of the Western Dvina River in the center of town. They tore three samples Nazis to cross the river. Battalion Zhodino area (Commander BK Semenov, Commissioner Grigoriev) consisted of 900 people … Who are these people? Students, teachers, workers and railway machine-building plant site … Not arrows, will deliver at least some military, not fighters. The battalion conducted a five-hour battle near Lake Losvido, covering Vitebsk. Mentioned earlier Battalion Osaviahima (consisted of 450 people, the commander Klein, Commissioner us
atenko) on June 9, and on the night of the 10th defending left-sparing Western Dvina, the Germans crossed the river on a raft under the cover of …

The surviving soldiers of the militia, not yet permanent part of the Red Army, soon will join the guerrilla units and underground groups.

It was the rage of the people, feasible answer to the European military expansion.

The guerrilla movement — in fact, part of the militia movement. We remember that Egorov, one of the soldiers who raised the banner above the ruins of the Reichstag met a war in their 17 and began to wage war as a partisan … Specifically, the reserve troops vypryadalas thread for the Banner of Victory.

If the small town of Vitebsk managed to collect two-thousand militia, then the defense of Kiev in the national militia and the destruction battalions involved 300 thousand — men and women, scientists, teachers, workers, party officials, employees … In the militias were torn and boys — 15-16 years old, and people are quite old, but the feeling of cheerfulness in the heart. Only the walls of the well-known confectionery them. Marx's militia took 2.5 thousand people. (Currently, the factory is known for being "in the redistribution of" people's property it has acquired one of the orange barons, whose Russophobian channel is the most pro-American poisonous terrain of today's Ukraine).

Marshall I.X. Akhurian — the famous military commander, twice Hero of the Russian Union — recalled the days of the defense of Kiev. And was referred to the director of the Kiev confectionery factory (it was about Airborne Brigade Colonel Rodimtsev, which, supported by other parts (including militia), kicked the Nazis out of Holosiyivskyi forests), "stunned us militia … Maloobuchennye, neobstrelyannye fighters, and fought heroically . Company of militia under the command of the Metropolitan District Kuznetsova did not back down, even under threat of complete encirclement. Machine-gun crew suffered huge losses, but gun did not cease until the bullets were. Courage and fortitude shown militia Dzerzhinsky factory and factory of Karl Marx, led by its directors NN Suburban and MG Avasafyanom … "

In Odessa, the militia took 55 thousand people in Sevastopol — 20 thousand. In the Zaporozhye region by the end of July in the militia got under arms — 200 thousand. Kherson militia consisted of 22.5 thousand fighters Donbass — and 220-thousand, Nikolaev — 63. In Kremenchug and Poltava militias were formed division. In Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov — militias housing.

Hitler's armies have won victories, but, in fact, were already doomed …

In October and November 1941, when German troops occupied the 27 districts of the Moscow region, in the fight to take the underground, more than 15 thousand guerrillas, 337 of sabotage and espionage and subversive groups. In defense of Stalingrad in your own life will rise 80 thousand militiamen. On the Don and Kuban Cossack militias will be formed division. In Bashkortostan — two national cavalry divisions, Kazakhstan — Voluntary Infantry Division … We all remember the glory of the Siberian voluntary groups. We remember that the personal funds of our predecessors was created Ural Tank Corps volunteer …

Altogether, according to rough estimates of historians, the reserve troops and other formations of the Russian Union of voluntary participation of more than 4 million people …

About our song

In the years before the destruction of the Soviet Union and all followed by 20 years of heroic militia movement "our" media tried not to remember. If voice — that of the tragic and unjustified victims. But, of course, far not the whole truth. Well, if we judge the truth of human destinies and the plan of God? So judge how narrowly — is incorrect. It seems you just need to know what is true militia — God's truth, an integral part of the majestic truth of Holy Russia.

His book "Mein Kampf," Hitler had a idea: "The government, which in the era of poisoning races devote themselves to the improvement of the best parts of the race on the ground, before or later inevitably obsessed with the whole world. Let no one forgets that the supporters of our movement ever. In the face of this majestic goal no sacrifice will not seem very large. "

Hitler was fanatically believed that he understood the secret world of possession and did not hesitate with mathematical precision that will inevitably come to what was intended. In essence, they moved the truest satanic temptation, self-destructive temptation, which possibly can even be called absolute, because the promise of all the kingdoms of the world Christ was tempted by the devil. Absolute recipe Saver, "Get behind me, Satan …" Hitler to such a method of overcoming the temptations was not ready. Moreover, in their own dreams of thousand-year Reich, he seems to have lusted build themselves in the role of holding the population of the earth before the coming of the last act of stories, not feeling wicked parody of their own position.

Sanctity of Russia emerged suddenly and simultaneously, almost immediately with the first bombings of 1941. This fact was even recorded in the pages of 2-Russian newspapers, maybe, and against the will of any editors. June 24 the newspaper "Izvestia" and "Red Star" arranged verses VI Lebedev-Kumacha "holy war." Composer A. Alexandrov very quickly wrote the music, June 26, majestic song for the first time was performed at the Belarus railway station — "Victory station …"

Now on the facade of the structure is set bas-relief monument to the song that became the anthem of the people's will, power, holiness.

Baton shot up, and we hear the buzzing in my ears … …

Come on, big country,
Get up to fight to the death …

Let fury generous
Boil, as a wave —
The national war,
Holy War!

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