Reaction to violent Ukrainisation

Reaction to violent Ukrainisation

Specifically, this factor was decisive in bringing the Crimea with Russia
Sergei Mironov

Reunification of the Crimea with Russia and Western sanctions to our country have become important political events shortly. Quite clear that the key space they now occupy in public obsuzhdeniyah.No can not be overlooked that, for all its own value they represent only personal investigation even larger process — systemic political crisis in Ukraine.

This crisis started in a long time until independence of the Crimea and, unfortunately, is still far from over. Absence of a legitimate central government, conflicts between factions controlling Kiev, and the contradictions between the west and east of Ukraine, increasing pressure on the Russian people — all this terrible fuel that does all the real danger coming escalation of the situation.

» Mutual interests of Russia and the West need to find the shortest way to solve the Ukrainian crisis. This will allow to eliminate the source of tension in the center of Europe and resume real partnership affairs «
Intrigued by Moscow in the positive development of political processes in Ukraine yavna. Unwillingness to live Crimea as part of Ukraine and its integration with Russia — it is a direct and inevitable result of the general destabilization in the country, direct threats from Kiev and the response to ongoing forced Ukrainisation. Our homeland has not had and has no territorial claims to Ukraine. But we are not far away indifferently, what is happening in our closest neighbors, what the outcome of the crisis of the Ukrainian state, which is generated by the many years of development of the internal contradictions and affected all aspects of life in the Ukrainian society.

By virtue of the deepest economic, cultural and humanitarian ties between our countries, not to mention the issues of national security, our homeland is interested in, that Ukraine has emerged out of the current situation as a languid rhythm, democratic and economically prosperous government, which will be a reliable partner for mutually beneficial relations . And we are categorically not interested in reverse ending which could cause directly to the Russian borders forever glow hearth problems and conflicts, from which flames can scorch and our countryside.

With all the differences of views and interests with our Western partners, they, especially the Euro Union representatives are also interested in stabilizing the situation in Ukraine. This coincidence of positions — not bad for an impartial basis of coordinated approaches and joint decisions.

Now the path of sanctions, demands, threats, which stood some zabugornye countries pushing to escalate the response. I have no doubt that our homeland has enough supplies strength and huge potential to justify such futility scenario. But if you think about the long-term interests, neither we nor the EU countries quite well, and there is no need unprofitable «ironing» each other languid economic and political impacts. This is not a boxing match, but the real lives of hundreds of millions of people, the voters finally faced by the country and the policy should be held accountable.

Mutual interests of Russia and the West (at least EUR) need to find the shortest way to solve the Ukrainian crisis. This will allow to eliminate the source of tension in the center of Europe and resume real partnership cases that have already been partially damaged and partially under threat and which developed more than a decade to resolve specific problems faced by entire continents.

Meanwhile, if you throw the situation in Ukraine to develop on its internal logic, it does not lead to a settlement, and to exacerbate domestic political conflict. Active public forces are known and determine objectives, and each other, they obviously contradict. This means that in this scenario, when the main political actors will seek to realize their aspirations and eyes in their entirety, they will inevitably face together, that we, in fact, already look.

Self-proclaimed government of Ukraine has received as a result of an unconstitutional power coup. Bad or worse was President Viktor Yanukovych, but quite evident that he forcibly deposed and removed from power illegally. There has never been in the Ukrainian constitution itself grounds for impeaching the president from power, as disengagement. And votes in parliament for useless scrap of paper on his dismissal was filed less than asks the same constitution, in spite of all the orgy of threats and violence, which committed the radicals in the February «revolutionary» forward to.

Not the case, Western diplomats and the media studiously ignore and bypass the question of the legality of the Kiev authorities today. Since his conscientious discussion immediately show: negotiations are conducted, care is available and agreements are signed with people who do not represent people of Ukraine and gained power as a result of municipal coup in violation of the constitution of their country. And it not only discredits the position of the West in Ukraine, and in direct contravention of the laws of some states, such as those the United States.

Inside the brand new Kiev government does not united. If for presentation to the public in its structure are pro-Western policies, the government they have to work shoulder to shoulder with the ultra and neo-Nazi.

A little more than one year reversed — December 13, 2012 On the European Parliament adopted a resolution, which described the eyes «Freedom» party as racist, antisemitic and xenophobic and called democratic parties in parliament not to cooperate with the organization. Now representatives of the party «Freedom» headed by a number of ministries and departments, including the power unit, and how our Western partners or try to ignore it, ignore this scandalous fact is simply unrealistic.

More trenchant other support modern power — «Right sector.» Her favorite Dmitry Jaros and several other members of the organization mired in cooperation with terrorists, and some — direct role in their sins. Their armed supporters commit violence against political opponents, or simply engaged in robbery and robbery. It is not enough that the government can do nothing to encourage them to order, so even they require and then to answer the government. How, for example, the Minister of Internal Affairs after nedavneshney trial «detention», which eventually died recognizable gangster and terrorist Muzychko Alexander, a worthy representative of the «right sector.» With all of this does not stop at nothing. That there is even a real threat to the organization radicals stormed the building of the Verkhovna Rada with the requirement to send to court Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, whom they suspect of the contract killing of their colleague.

Here it is, the true face of the current Ukrainian central authorities. Nominal government is illegitimate, does not represent anyone and holds the key to the situation of any capital or even inside the cabinet, where pro-Western politicians sit together with people that if they share Western values, then perhaps that verbally preaching openly neo-Nazi zaglazno eyes.

Typically, for all that the Russian-speaking regions in the south and east of Ukraine, which create a major share of GDP and provide the bulk of budget revenues, the government is not represented. But in the past the U.S., now the patron of Kiev, fought for independence under the slogan «No taxation without consulate,» as British taxes Yankees took, and the role in political life, in the parliament is not allowed.

Naturally, seriously such power and unrealistic about anything harsh with her negotiate worthless.

Where does such an alignment of political forces?

First of these forces — pro-Western politicians will continue to utter lovely phrases pleasant for a Western audience, but do not fail and will not be addressed. Together with the fact own demagogy they can cause to move the masses of ordinary people, creating in their fabulous expectations and hopes, not backed up by real abilities of the country. Years kopivsheesya dissatisfaction with the expert guidance of just reincarnate into the element gullible attempts frisky solving complex problems.

Second — Neo-Nazis and ultra-nationalists with the motto «Moskalyaku on Gilyaks» in other words «Russian to the gallows,» rush on the physical level to destroy political enemies and against the will of the Russian-speaking regions Ukrainise. We have beheld how the criteria of statehood and economic collapse deputies «revolutionary» Glad not to have found a more urgent matter than one of the first decisions to prohibit the introduction of its own native Russian language almost half of the people of their own country. Someone pulled them on time, but the focus of thought and level of thinking yet to fully manifest beforehand. Well, the intention Yarosha send the Crimea, in the 90s, «Friendship Train» with Bandera, that using violence to deprive Crimean ability to express and defend their world, of course, played an important role in the next developments in the Crimea. With all this fundamentally aware that representatives of this political force from power, as they are already fairly presented, never voluntarily give up.

Well, the third political force — the inhabitants of the south and east of Ukraine wish to live quietly and work, using democratic rights and without being attacked by the possessed nationalists. Completely legitimate and understandable desire. But the trouble is that the nationalists can not accept this. They all sense of his own life behold the to approve for the Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine status as second class citizens, and living almost at their expense, to humiliate and exploit them.

These three forces are different in many ways. In language, history, culture, classical religion, values. Who for one part of the people of Ukraine heroes, those for the other half fiends offenders and vice versa. If these forces as a swan, crayfish and pike, in a rickety cart vpryagutsya Ukrainian statehood, the very great danger that they just tear it apart. Crimea has moved away. Thanks to the courage, determination and organization of all the inhabitants of the peninsula came swiftly and without bloodshed. But in other regions of Ukraine will develop actions with bolshennymi shocks with bolshennymi risks to life and security of millions of people, not to mention the respect of their rights.

Inside the Ukraine now just warn some conflicts between these disparate systems of values. It is naive to expect that the country’s new president, who himself will be one of the groups will be able to reconcile the long-standing conflict between them. And that even in this case, if the presidential elections held in general and will meet at least more or less democratic norms — in the presence of gangs on the streets of armed fighters to intimidate even the police.

Only a world society can assist Ukraine to overcome this difficult step in its history, to build a democratic society with a measured guaranteed rights of all people and the economy works. This requires an international strategy to resolve the political crisis in Ukraine, developed and agreed between Russia and Western countries, first European.

It seems that the basis for the negotiation of such strategies may offer the Russian Foreign Ministry. This in-1-x, securing the UN resolution neutral military and political status of Ukraine. In-2-recognition fait accompli that people of Crimea based on free expression of its ultimate fate. B-3, the development of the role of all the regions of the latest federal Constitution of Ukraine and its adoption by popular referendum. In-4, giving the Russian language the status of the second municipality.

The talks on such programmke political crisis, and then assist in its implementation will allow returning cooperation and mutual understanding between Russia, Ukraine and Western partners, to restore relations between them.

Fundamentally and another judgment, which also provides for the need for broad international cooperation for the solution of problems of Ukraine. The political crisis in the country turned against a very languid socio-economic status. GDP per capita in Ukraine and so was only half the level of Bulgaria, the poorest EU countries and four times lower than in Russia. And during the political turmoil economy and budget have come to a state of complete decay, the country was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Promised financial aid from the West, in the 1-x, very scarce and stretched in terms of maturity. In-2-IMF loans substantiated a number of requirements, which will lead to further reduction in the standard of living and social tension.

Not more than the end of February Westerners expressed a wish to bring Russia to provide monetary assistance to Ukraine. Certainly, in the current political situation, it makes sense. But in the case of normalization of relations and to working together to resolve the political crisis in Ukraine, our country could return to the discussion of this issue. In this case, our homeland will be clear that it is investing in stability on its own borders.

Sergei Mironov,
chairman of the party «Fair Our homeland» managing fraction «CP» in the State Duma


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