Read minds at a distance? Science: Its possible!

September 23, 2012 19:47

A group of Dutch scientists developed the device with which you can understand the thoughts of the people in the distance. Based device with a computer tomograph "decode" thoughts.

Maastricht University neuroscientists led by Bettina Sorger could differentiate 27 levels of brain activity and correlate each with a specific character — with one of the 26 letters of the alphabet or a space, and then the computer comes into play, which "translates" the thoughts of the person in question. However, for "deciphering the letters" also required the active participation of the patient.

 Bettina Sorger said that the principle of the device for reading thoughts based on interpretation of the information that is transferred to the neurons of the brain — this is fixed by the nature of MRI changes in blood flow that occur when switching on and off of individual sections of the human brain, so the scanner can be seen on the screen, as thinking people. "We asked the volunteer mentally to perform one of three tasks — imagine what he paints, counts, and myself reading poetry. And we can clearly fix "- quoted by ICTV Bettina Sorger.
The head of the study, complete paralysis deprives people opportunities not only to speak, but also to express their desires nonverbally, so a priority in the implementation of this design provide communications scholars believe it was these patients.

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