Reddish samurai

Herman Sadullayev: Memory coup

In August 1991, I was 18 years old and most of the drum, what's going on in the political life of the country. I did not watch telly, was far from Leningrad and even vyznat of the coup attempt, coup, coup. Later vyznat, but did not attach much importance. All of these restructuring-presidents deputies coups-reform stuck together for my young mind in an indigestible mess with broken glass, stones and slogans dumber one another. The young brain is empty and bright, and I thought then: what's the difference if we're still going to die? Then I was closer to the truth, but then I became an adult and is closer to the truth, but it's not the same thing.

Many years later one of Ministers of the USSR last spoke to me about the days of the failed coup. It seems that the chance was. There was a point of imbalance, fluctuations, indecision, when everyone expected. And he had expected. First, active and firm position expected from Yanaeva who owed by Gorbachev automatic suspension to lead the country. But, I read the previous minister, Janaev was not the man did not like that. What a coup? At the head of the coup was to stand Franco or Madzaki or Papadopoulos Ioannidis. And here — Janaev. And, sensing which side ruthlessness and force field were to sabotage the orders of the Emergency Committee.

And that, in fact, expected? Terror? Well, yes, of terror. By law, the revolution won by the one who first starts to destroy their political opponents. If the story was indeed a putsch putsch, then so would have happened. But it was about something else entirely. It is later in parliament will shoot out of the tanks in the streets of the capital will lie dead, many corpses, so far no one knows — how much, but it did not call coup, military coup — and the defense of democracy, or call it something else. Naturally, after a military coup — is not when the tanks fired on the parliament, and the crowd mow fire from automatic weapons. "The military coup" — this is when embarrassed uncle said something on TV, and later seems to ballet.

And about what? The answer in the address book of the Union of Russian Marshal SF Akhromeeva: "I was confident that this venture will be defeated, and arrived in Moscow to personally make sure of it … Let the stories in the least trace remains — against death itself stately country protested." The best and most powerful of the defendants in the case coup were ready to sacrifice their lives, but their own. So they did. General Boris Pugo Karlovic, hereditary Bolshevik, scion of reddish Latvian arrow — shot himself. Marshal Sergei F. Akhromeev, the real battle commander — committed suicide in full dress in full regalia. Nicholas E. grief, communist, managing director of the Central Committee of the Communist Party — led the balance of life. For these people, the failure of the last trial to save the Soviet Union was a deadly wound that is incompatible with life itself.

In August 1991, I was like, well, now I do not particularly curious about what's going on and how to Emergency Committee, Why start and why does it without the fame and rapidly completed. But these people are fascinating to me. The last samurai reddish empire. I can not help but feel respect for him. In the Land of the Rising Sun has temples dedicated pilots, those podymali the sky with supplies of fuel in the tank only way to one side. If you can imagine for yourself a bit of a reddish Shinto (such as the cult was — his temples were museums Alexander Matrosov and other Russian characters), the last memorial to become Pagoda Pugo Akhromeeva and Kruchina. And then it was over. A Time for Heroes. Now we live here — the ordinary people of the country of the rising sun.

And no matter how well we live. Means, they tried in vain? Or even damage? Weirdly imagine that it would become a homeland with us, if the 1991 coup defeated! Then Boris Yeltsin failed to become the president of the Russian Federation. And Russia itself would not be, but it would be something like the Soviet Union, though much smaller. For example, we would now be living in a state union with Belarus and Kazakhstan. Nightmare. Roman Abramovich would not buy for themselves British football club, and would Khodorkovsky was sitting in the bullpen, but not for political reasons, but for speculation. Comrade Matvienko rules would not in Leningrad as a governor, as the first secretary of the regional committee, and later for the demolition work would be sent to Moscow, but not in the Senate, and in the All-big difference. And, most likely, the same secretary general … well, or not the same, but very similar. Was the USSR potential? Well, yes, he was. In another on what we live for 20 years without building any of the 1st of the new strategic nuclear facility like?

In general, to be honest, it would have been almost the same as that at the moment. Since the limits of voluntarism in the history of a very, very narrow. And I was not the only adult, and old, and so I like Boris Grebenshikov, vile temper — I can not take the side of the draw, do not know anyone who is not right. But Alexander Morozov says that everything is fine. And I agree. It has appointed Leibniz: cash the world is the best of all possible. In other words, it is not that I was the best, but of the possible options — yes. For example, you have to cut off his hand. And someone utters it's bad. But that's fine, but he just does not know what options did you have such: to cut off the arm, two legs cut off, cut off the head. So that the world in which you cut off the hand — the best of the possible. There is, however, another version of itself: can I generally do not cut off? But this is socialism, communism, reddish utopia, which impressively confirmed by the failure of the economic blockade and the carpet bombing of each of the states that have tried to realize this utopia, from other states who have not tried, but very experienced. For choice. The best of the world — but of the possible, gentlemen, of the possible. In other words, from a list nominated by the club owners around the world. And these are reddish, these comrades — they always require impracticable. They do not respect the lists and rankings. They are not willing to accept the reality! They transformed it.

Alexander Morozov says that our 9th place in the economy — it's very good, as we have defined between Belarus and Kazakhstan (why between, and not combined with?) Because we fairly backward and defective, and rejoice. But from time to time objectivity — is objectified someone's personal will, and, as for the early 20th century, the Russian Federation, then, after the defeat in the war with Japan, and after the exhaustion of the war with Germany, in the correct ratings Our homeland has been pushed to the outsiders, and a (not sorry) sacrificed appetite German Fenrir to satiate the animal, that animal is calm. And so would have happened — with Russia. But the Soviet Union made a different reality, the one in which Fenrir was defeated, and the Russian Alliance became a superpower. This is only by fanatics, communists, are not taken for optimal unbearable, they behold the limits of the probable.

But overall I happy with everything, because I too rationalist. And God save us! To another twelve years old, and from ninth to eighth place. God forbid! And so everything seems fine from the Kremlin — no protests, but a new world, actually nothing. So many things had built. And who does not like — let them move. Or migratory birds fly, or a rat fleeing from the ship. Which not buried. Silly rat. We write out the other from Europe, we are not the first time. And the means we have. Our land is great and rich.

My father knows that when he
was a kid, Russian child, a sad thought rushes vosled migratory birds. Poor you mine, wretched! — Conceived a child, where you fly? You are leaving the Russian Alliance, a land of good and justice, and fly into a terrible abroad, where failures and famine, where ruthlessness and exploitation. You will be there to torture and kill, as do the Negroes. Better stay here or go back soon! .. And, it happened, it was conceived in a different way. When demonstrating New-york and voices about the poor working class and about blacks, Dad thought: but someone inhabits all these gorgeous skyscrapers? .. And that's true? Oh, and this and that.

Now, my father, looking around, not in the Kremlin, however, it was simply that sees growing beautiful neighborhoods and states began to live better. After all, someone is buying these apartments. And I say, better. And God save us. That all was fine.

Therefore God forbid that all will be bad. Our plush Our homeland will not sustain any serious 1st tests. Fails to respond to any one the call of destiny and history. So far so good, but year after year we miss being able to cook. Invest in their own people, in infrastructure, in strategic locations livelihoods. And no need to be alarmist to realize that if at the moment perfectly, then later will be different, just by the law of cycles. Although, of course, may God for such a plan, that would be even better. And God forbid! After all, in the other we simply do not survive. In particular, and as we do not have more general Pugo or 1st.

Imagine a unenforceable, imagine that the "United Russia" lose an election or as a result of the coup will lose power. And Boris Gryzlov shoots together with relatives, leaving a suicide note: "Everything that I believed, for which I lived — were killed. I can not live anymore. Excuse me! ". Vladislav Surkov, the Kremlin office closes at putting on a suit of Harlequin and the music of "Agatha Christie" perceives slowly acting poison. Light from Ivanovo writes a farewell video clip and uploaded to youtube; front of the camera is poor devchenka crying, wiping the face make-up last naive, "as well now sow as much land as corn, vegetables? and in fact no more, there will be that at the moment! .. "- drink for courage bank" jaguar "and jumps out the window.

Could it be? Hardly. Since we are governed are not heroes. A hustlers and clowns. And no one, no one deserves a Shinto temple. Maybe only one light. Of Ivanovo.

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