Regeneration of the body and disease

When life we are constantly updating. Each unit of our fluids and cells is a time of renewal. Since blood is updated in 4 years, the body's cells are completely renewed in the last 7 years. If you have developed consciousness, you can imagine how a two bodies with a difference in age of 7 years old and its essence to flow from one body to another. In this case, you realize that the body is then left there and when it re vtechet fluid life, it will grow and function. Once created body dwells in eternity and it is indestructible in its time.

The essence of these bodies, which are limited in their capabilities. So if daynengom doing, you know what to dive to different depths in the depths of the sea, you have the proper equipment. So man than sinking deeper into the matter, the more callous has a body. Such a person may be alive, he will not feel cut. So maybe he was ill with tuberculosis and sgniv inside still lives in this world. Such people are carriers of infection and destruction. Fear t5eh people who constantly swear, because they live and breed reptiles and their habitats within the reptiles is manure and smell. Each Matek, is another bastard born in this environment.

Each cell is supplied via the vibration of the aura of the site. Getting a little more subtle vibration method of concentration and focus we gain channels in the other dimensions. Information of other dimensions is thinner and to accept it must raise the appropriate space and the environment. This is exactly what the people fueling the passion for subtle vibrations. The perception in the form of fine art, music, or the waves of prayer allows us to quickly find the space, which is like the ball is in us. This ball is the guarantor of the rise in the new space and the vibration of the ball is a guarantee of open space of the new formation with new features. So we illuminating a path of overcoming the darkness moving in space. Our bodies are filled with the darkness in anticipation of our spirit, which they raised up again. These things happen when the time comes to an end, and God comes to revive the dead. And the time will appear again and everyone starts to live his life. A person is free to choose what his path, and therefore he is guilty of his misfortune, which is the result of his chosen path, and his actions. Each path has its complexity and its karma. Each path has a pivotal moment or your starting point and your end of the road which is the transition to novu3yu lifeline or exacerbation of karma and death.

Author: Paul G. Shiryaev

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