Reiki energy — charge of their own hands

September 9, 2012 4:26

Ancient art of healing the sick through the transfer of energy through the hands of every year is gaining popularity across the globe. The Japanese character "Ray" can mean something comprehensive, absolute or god. "Ki" — generic term for life-force energy. Thus, the "rails" (Reiki) is approximately translated as "healing energy that exists in nature."
The easiest way to use the energy of Reiki can be noted, when we put a hand to any sore spot for himself. The ancient Taoist practices argued that by doing so, we unconsciously direct the flow of energy "ki" in the affected area.

In different countries, recorded a sufficient number of responses from cured by rail. Formal introduction to the system made by the Reiki Master initiation ritual. Setup wizard walks the energy flow disciple including remote sensing methods. However, many can learn Reiki yourself with meditation techniques.
After initiating interaction with healing energy is felt through the hands. Feeling all the individual, it may be a burning sensation, tingling, vibration. Energy flow is often possible to experience the most simple exercises.
Try rotating the right hand to his forehead and touch the head. What are your feelings? Likely to vanish. Put your hands on your abdomen and the left over the right. Take three slow deep inhalation and exhalation. Feel the vibrations abdomen and imagine the heat builds up inside your hands.
Now, bring your right hand over his forehead. If you see a pleasant feeling of warmth, light pressure or shaking, then in between the middle of the palm chakra and between the eyebrows, where the "third eye" is the flow of energy. We like accumulating energy in the hand to then work on the problem areas in yourself or another person's hands overlapping.
Now you can consciously try to strengthen the movement of energy through such a powerful tool for visualization.
Take a comfortable position and close your eyes. Breathing should be slow and calm. Imagine that over your head shining white ball of energy. On the inhale to the crown chakra at the crown joins the warm light, as you exhale out polluted energy. Repeat a couple of minutes, increasing energy glow ball.
Now slowly lower the ball to the forehead chakra, at the level of the mid-forehead. Glow turns purple, and you continue to breathe in clean energy living, breathing contaminated. On the exhale, the light becomes transparent on inspiration — saturated and bright.
Then drop the magic ball to the level of the larynx, where the light is sky-blue. Massage throat chakra gives you the ease of breathing and a feeling of warmth in the throat.
Then put a ball of light in the region of the heart where the light changes to emerald green. Imagine that with the breath your heart free from negative emotions. Inhaling the green glow, and produces out heartache, despair, jealousy, envy.
To better experience the movement of energy, enable the sense of smell. Imagine that with the light in you is poured aroma of peach, melon, raspberry. Choose your favorite fruit and enjoy its flavor on the inhale, exhale, letting the poisoned impure air in the form of a yellow-green cloud.
This exercise is found in various techniques of meditation. This sets up a person to receive Reiki energy, reduces stress, gives a sense of happiness and harmony with the environment.

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