Relatives of the missing answer Saakashvili

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili in an interview to the First Channel of the Belarusian television praised as a propaganda film Russian TV channel NTV, which tells about the fate of the missing opponents of Lukashenko.

"Suddenly, there have found that in the 90 years of the" man-eaters "were divorced in Minsk — of course, it's sad. This has a certain flavor of the propaganda war," — said the Georgian president.

U.Zaharanka: "I am the 11 years just cry and cry — day and night …"

The mother of the former Minister of Internal Affairs of Belarus Yuri Zakharenko Juliana G. outraged by how this can be said?

"I've never said, and would not accept such words. 'Cause I'm night and day do not see the light of day. And just think about the fact that my son is in no way to blame."

Mother's heart is still hopeful that his son will return. Juliana G. thinks her somewhere Yuri hold the power:

"But the mother is unlikely he will. 'Cause I'm only 11 years old, these crying and crying — day and night. My heart is already almost there. I live just on the injections, on medication. But all the same I think one thing — to come back. "

The journalist's mother Zavadsky Olga G. very surprised expression Mikhail Saakashvili:

"I certainly do not want to hear such words from the leader of any country, including Georgia. I think that if something like this would happen to his family Saakashvili, then it would have been very different opinions. I believe that there is no statute of limitations years can not be. "

V.Zavadkaya: "For every dictator human destiny — in the background …"

Olga Zavadskaja draws attention to the fact that the Belarusian authorities still hiding the truth about the missing:

"The authorities are deliberately silent on this point. Apparently, because it suits them. Course, any fact which hides the power, it does not work. Well, the fact that it excites people, they do not care. For every dictator human destiny — in the background. "

In remarks Saakashvili had in mind the accusations against Alexander Lukashenko, has recently voiced by NTV. It was suggested, that the Belarusian the president was involved in the disappearances of their opponents.

On Friday, the NTV channel promises to show another part of the movie "The Godfather."


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