Report of avalanches in the Khibiny gave drunk samopiar

Murmansk police established the identity of the suspect in a false report of an avalanche in the Khibiny, it was the previous conviction murmanchanin Leonid Okorokov, which, according to the investigators, like so "famous." This was reported by RIA Novosti spokesman for the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs Lyudmila Rudakov.

It turned out that it was Okorokov while intoxicated, called on Saturday night in the MOE and reported that the slope of the mountain Aykuayvumchorr (Khibiny) avalanche and that he is under the weight of snow.

Immediately after receiving the alarm message on the scene moved the Kirov RIPA rescue of seven men and three pieces of equipment, with the head of the rescue squad. Also in Kirovsk focused task force EMERCOM Russia in the Murmansk region. Simultaneously, the build-up of forces and funds for search and rescue operations.

While rescue workers examined the supposed scene of the accident, traces of an avalanche is not found, but the search did not stop.

"It was established that he called a false name from Murmansk. This citizen born in 1983, Leonid ham. He drink alcohol with friends. Law enforcement agencies have determined that it (was) previously convicted for property crimes, he said that already Once informed of the supposed gas explosion and learn for it a fine of 100 thousand rubles, "- said Rudakov.

According to her, the whole company is now detained, who was at the time in the apartment — four people. Rudakov said that Okorokov willingly cooperated with the investigation.

"It seems that this samopiar drunk, he wants to be talked about," — added Rudakov.

Okorokov told investigators that allegedly wanted to avenge his brother, who worked in the MOE, but law enforcement agencies have already established that no brother in places such men do not.

According to Rudakova, the man is unlikely to be held on criminal charges, most likely, he will face administrative responsibility for the false avalanches.

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